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UNSW researchers crack ‘night-time’ solar

Researchers from the University of New South Wales have made a major breakthrough in what was previously conceived of only in theoretical terms, namely, ‘night-time’ solar power.


Solar panel portrait of Saul Griffith named finalist in 2022 Archibald Prize

A solar panel incorporated portrait by Jude Rae of Australian scientist, inventor and author Saul Griffith was listed among the finalists of the 2022 Archibald Prize. The portrait embodies Griffith’s renewable energy message to Australia – “Electrify everything.”

Solar tech advances to trigger switch for skyscrapers

As people have gradually migrated to the world’s cities, urban areas have migrated upward to scrape the sky. And yet, while one of the first principles of power generation is to generate as close as possible to the point of consumption, energy systems have long been designed to deliver electricity to major cities from distant hubs. But now, thanks to recent advances in solar panel energy density and building-integrated PV, vertical cities could soon be standing tall under their own power.


Weekend read: 2 GW Sungrow and SolarJuice distribution agreement is Australia’s largest 

The partnership between Chinese inverter maker Sungrow and Sydney-based wholesaler Solar Juice has been taken to a new level after the partners signed a 2 GW capacity distribution contract.

Origin Energy buys up 900 MW Yarrabee Solar Farm

Origin Energy’s ambition to accelerate the growth of its renewable energy portfolio saw progress this week with the acquisition of the pre-construction 900 MW Yarrabee Solar Farm. Origin’s new renewable expansion strategy took shape after conceding in 2021 that its fossil fuel business was haemorrhaging under the strain of low renewables prices.

Queensland critical battery minerals project receives $5.2 million federal grant

The Commonwealth government’s Critical Minerals Accelerator Initiative has awarded a $5.2 million grant to Canberra and Brisbane-based Lava Blue, a company seeking to improve the processes of valuable minerals from vanadium pentoxide processing waste, particularly high purity alumina.


Full extent of Sun Cable megaproject revealed 

Singapore-based Sun Cable has submitted its Environmental Impact Statement to the Northern Territory Environment Protection Authority. The document reveals the full extent of the project’s enormity, specifically a 17-20 GW solar farm tied to 36-42 GWh of battery energy storage, which is set to be transmitted by subsea cables to Singapore.


Lightsource bp partners with Contact Energy to pursue large-scale solar in New Zealand

In a big week for solar in the land of the long white cloud, Lightsource bp has announced a 50/50 partnership with New Zealand’s Contact Energy to pursue a large-scale solar portfolio in the country, generation which Contact Energy will purchase through a power purchase agreement.

Google exec backs Helios Energy’s New Zealand solar pipeline

A collaboration of United States and New Zealand developers, Helios Energy received private investment from Google executive Urs Hölzle and is setting its sights on grid-scale solar developments in New Zealand.


Lightsource bp proposes 400 MW solar farm south of Goulburn

Lightsource bp’s ambitious solar capacity target of 25 GW by 2025 is driving significant expansion of its Australian portfolio, including its most recent proposal of the 400 MW Gundary Solar Farm south of Goulburn, NSW.