Yackandandah’s community solar demonstrates the power of regional prosumers

With an electricity sector policy vacuum on a federal level, and grid constraints facing large scale PV project developers, there are ample reasons to be pessimistic about Australia’s solar-fueled energy transition. Indigo Power Co-founder Cam Klose says that many promising developments are rather taking place on the ‘distributed’ level and beyond the big cities – with Yackandandah leading the way.


Clean Energy Regulator tips Australia to exceed 2020 RET by a “substantial margin”

The Clean Energy Regulator (CER) released its 2018 Administrative Report on Thursday, and not only does it predict that Australia will easily meet its 2020 Large-scale Renewable Energy Target (RET), but that the target will be exceeded substantially. Moreover, in the last year commercial factors overtook government incentives as the main driver of renewable investment – a watershed moment and one in which commercial and industrial solar arrays is playing no small role.  

Hyundai enters the solar car race with new Sonata

Hyundai has unveiled its new hybrid, the Hyundai Sonata, complete with integrated solar cells. The Sonata’s unveiling joins Toyota and Lightyear in integrating solar PV wth EVs.


New solar guidelines in Victoria look to ease transmission strain

The Victorian Government has developed new guidelines in an effort to better direct the location, design and assessment of large-scale solar projects in Victoria. The new guidelines are an attempt to ensure future large-scale solar PV projects are more easily accessible to the electricity transmission network.


Victorian Solar Rally to take place on the steps of parliament this Thursday

The Smart Energy Council (SEC) promised action, and it isn’t bluffing. This Thursday, 25 July at 10:30am the Victorian solar community will rally on the steps of Victoria Parliament House. “The Victorian Government Don’t Get It!” goes the cry as solar workers lose their jobs and companies close in the aftermath of the Victorian Government’s Solar Homes Program, a sad lesson in the law of unintended consequences. 

Rule change to allow big energy consumers to get paid for demand response

The Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) is looking to reward large energy consumers for reducing their power usage at times of peak demand. The electricity market’s rule maker is looking to prevent the summer blackouts that have become commonplace around Australia in recent years in a cost effective manner through the proposed rule change.


SEC warns of installer “bloodbath” if Victorian Solar Homes Program remains unchanged

The fallout of Victoria’s Solar Homes Program is verging on a “bloodbath” in the words of the Smart Energy Council (SEC) CEO John Grimes, who spoke at length in a SEC Webinar featuring over 200 Victorian solar industry actors about the adverse impacts of the program for both the industry and consumers. The SEC is now readying for action.


NSW Parliament launch inquiry into the sustainability of its energy future

The New South Wales Legislative Assembly’s Committee on Environment and Planning has launched an inquiry into the future sustainability of the state’s energy supply and resources. The question being asked: “What does the future of energy look like in NSW?”

Connection issues continue to hamper large scale solar PV projects

The 60 MW Kennedy Energy Parkhas been deprioritised by its developer Windlab due to “uncertainty around connection solution.” The move comes despite the fact the hybrid solar, wind and storage facility known as “Big Kennedy” was completed last December.


Toyota gets serious in its move towards solar EV revolution

Toyota has announced plans to begin public road trials this month on a new Prius PHV demo car modified to include integrated solar panels. The announcement follows similar recent solar innovations in the EV industry which could accelerate the emerging form of transport.


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