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106 MW Yatpool solar farm finally connects to grid after lengthly delay

BayWa r.e.’s 106 MW Yatpool Solar Farm in the infamously congested north-west of Victoria has finally seen successful grid connection a full 18 months after construction completion. Despite the delay, the German developer says its commitment to the Australian market is unwavering.

Brisbane-based tech firm and University of Queensland team up to transform energy storage

The ‘Graphene Revolution’ is drawing near in energy storage, the sector where it is arguably needed most. Univeristy of Queensland scientists who devised aluminium-ion batteries with graphene electrodes have teamed up with Brisbane-based Graphene Manufacturing Group to push the technology into the commercial prototype phase, a potentially early marker for a technology that could transform energy storage.


Victorian government launches VPP pilot program

Victoria’s Andrews Government has launched a battery aggregation pilot program which seeks to build an “approved aggregation provider list” alongside the Solar Homes battery rebate. The Victorian Government sees the future of virtual power plants and microgrids and this is an opportunity for both consumers and providers to benefit.

Australian aerospace firm to launch into space race with green hydrogen

Queensland-based Hypersonix Launch Systems has announced a partnership with BOC and its Bulwer Island Renewable Hydrogen Production and Refuelling pilot project. The deal will see Hypersonix use green hydrogen produced by solar electrolysis as rocket fuel to launch re-useable satellites into lower earth orbit.

Morrison continues to deflect net zero 2050 commitments despite growing international pressure

At an inner-city dinner party for the Australian Business Council, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said “we will not achieve net zero in the cafes, dinner parties and wine bars of our inner cities”; and he was right, because at this particular inner-city dinner party he continued to shy away from net zero 2050 commitments.

Companies and ports lined up for Australian green hydrogen export to Germany

The joint feasibility study between Australia and Germany, HySupply, to determine the viability of a renewable energy-based hydrogen supply chain between the two countries, has progressed again after global firm RWE Supply & Trading and Australian-based The Hydrogen Utility signed a Memorandum of Understanding which could see green ammonia exports from South Australia to Germany’s LNG Terminal in Brunsbüttel.

Complaints emerging from construction site of NSW solar farm

Complaints including a lack of women’s hygiene facilities and a precariously dangling shipping container are being taken up by the NSW and ACT Electrical Trades Union after workers say they’ve been met with deaf ears by the company managing the site of the Suntop Solar Farm in NSW’s Central West.

Saturday read: 10 GW is just the beginning

Giant PV and wind projects are taking shape in Australia’s north, with the aim of supplying Asia with the clean energy it needs for decades to come. The Asian Renewable Energy Hub is one such project, as it targets green hydrogen production at a cost of $1.50/kg. Sacha Thacker, chief strategy officer at InterContinental Energy – one of the companies trying to the get the ambitious initiative off the ground – says that while the scale of projects today boggles the mind, the coming demand is more boggling still.

Solar powers novel green hydrogen fuel technology

A homegrown technology developed by the University of Newcastle and Southern Green Gas has seen the development of a novel green hydrogen fuel and carbon neutral green methane. The fuel was demonstrated in Hyundai’s Nexo hydrogen fuel cell SUV in Sydney.


Taiwan joins the gigafactory club

Taiwan Cement is planning to build a US$352 million EV battery factory in southern Taiwan. The 1.8 GW facility will produce high-charge-discharge nickel ternary batteries.

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