Monash University research exposes national energy productivity shortfall

New research out of Monash University has revealed that Australian states and territories are lagging behind in COAG Energy Council commitments to improve energy productivity by 2030. Modelling shows that national objectives will only be half met.

“How’s the serenity?” electric leisure boating to go full-throttle

German electric boating company Torqueedo’s 100,000th sale highlights a shift in leisure and small commuter boating towards the electric.

Transport NSW seeking expressions of interest to transition its bus fleet

As part of the NSW Government’s ambition to transition the entire public bus fleet to zero emissions, Transport NSW is seeking out expressions of interest for participants in trials of zero emission buses. 


EVs, platform of the future

U.S.-based Bollinger Motors revealed its patent-pending E-Chassis platform last month, a demonstration that the platform from which commercial fleets can transition to EVs is EV platform-technology itself.


Westpac commits to a decade of transition

Westpac is committing to major investment restructuring over the coming decade as it looks to align its business with Paris 2050 commitments and its own emissions reduction scheme. The bank is seeking to offset its global emissions with 100% renewables by 2025.

Fracking to help fund WA’s Clean Energy Future Fund

WA’s McGowan Government has set up a $9 million Clean Energy Future Fund which it will top up with the royalties of ‘unconventional onshore oil and gas projects’, a euphemism for fracking.


Solar buyback trend continues

In the face of the Covid-19 economic crisis, companies and investment firms are looking to buyback existing solar systems from businesses in exchange for ready cash and decent terms.

“Queenslander!” call to fight new coal investment

A new poll of 1000 Queenslanders has found strong support for the State to invest in renewable energy and a concordant distaste for coal. The results come amid political debate as to the viability of a new coal-fired power station in North Queensland.


Diamond bright, QUT researchers shine light on energy storage solution

Researchers at the Queensland University of Technology have proposed a new design of a diamond nanothread bundle that could found a new form of mechanical storage, which, pound-for-pound, is three times more powerful than lithium-ion batteries.


AER’s final approval takes QNI to shovel-ready status

The Australian Energy Regulator has approved the final phase of the Queensland – New South Wales Interconnector upgrades. TransGrid and Powerlink are now ready to begin civil construction in the coming weeks.


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