Solar Victoria establishes promised conduit of industry and consumer feedback

As part of the Andrews Government’s compromise with solar industry protestors after the initial dog’s breakfast of a Solar Homes program, Solar Victoria has established the Industry and Consumer Reference Group (ICRG).

UQ’s Warwick Solar Farm wins coveted green award

The University of Queensland’s Warwick Solar Farm has won a coveted green award as the unique project nears completion.

Growth in renewables brings growth in wages

New analysis from recruitment firm Robert Walters shows continued growth in the renewables sector is bringing continued growth in wages along with it.

Slowdown in renewable investment should be highest priority for COAG Energy Council, says CEC

The Clean Energy Council (CEC) is pushing for the COAG Energy Council to address the dramatic slowdown in investment in large-scale renewable energy when it meets this Friday, 22 November. The CEC believes the slowdown is the industry’s highest priority.


Tasmania wants to lead the way with green hydrogen

New Analysis from Hydro Tasmania shows the island state to be in a unique position to lead the nation in the production of green hydrogen from renewable sources.

Golden by name, Golden by nature, Melbourne family reaps solar rewards

In a classic example of nominative determinism, like Usain Bolt running as fast as a bolt of lightning or Bulgaria’s ill-fated 400m hurdler Vania Stambolova, the Golden family of Clifton Hill take advantage of golden sunlight to power their home.


Lord Howe Island selects Photon Energy for its long-awaited solar installation

Photon Energy Australia has won the developers race to the long-awaited Lord Howe Island integrated solar and storage project. The Netherlands-based company’s microgrid solution is perfectly suited to remote islands looking to relieve themselves of diesel dependency.

Islands continue to turn to solar PV

No man is an island, but solar PV can at least allow us to live on one without having to rely on the expensive logistical nightmare of diesel fuel supply. More islands around the Asia Pacific are turning to solar PV systems combined with storage to meet their needs.

Asia Pacific’s decarbonisation bill could hit US$3.5 trillion by 2040

Recent Wood Mackenzie analysis suggests Asia Pacific’s decarbonisation bill could hit US3.5 trillion by 2040. US$3.5 trillion is enough to buy everyone in Sydney a house at Sydney’s inflated housing prices, or alternatively, it’s enough to buy everyone a single avocado toast at a trendy cafe.

Long read: Australia’s top end eyes mega PV export

A number of massive PV projects have been proposed for Australia’s north, with the concept built around clean power exports to Southeast Asia. Is it Desertec Down Under? Proponents are certainly hoping for more success.

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