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Australian ‘rooftop solar capital’ goes large-scale with approval of 100 MW solar farm

Queensland’s Bundaberg Regional Council has approved the development application of a 100 MW solar farm 60km away from Bundaberg. The project would be one of the largest scale for the region, dubbed “Australia’s rooftop solar capital” for its high penetration of residential solar.

One perfect 100% renewable day in SA

As Christmas lights twinkled their last, South Australia’s electricity grid spent a whole day basking in sunshine and turning towards brisk summer breezes. Renewables ruled — a taste of future feasting on clean energy.


United States’ DOE offers an energy storage strategy, publishes detailed technology cost estimates

The strategy includes accelerating the transition of technologies from the lab to the marketplace, focusing on ways to manufacture technologies at scale in the United States and ensuring secure supply chains to enable domestic manufacturing.

Centre-right think tank demands emissions-reduction agenda

Australia needs an orderly, least-cost, lowest-disruption transition to renewable energy. Set a target. Retire coal. Support displaced workers. Get it done. The Blueprint Institute’s new report is surely 2020’s last logical word in calling the Federal Coalition to action.

2020 Year in Review

Soon 2020 will only be a worry to future high-school history students. But when they ask us if anything good at all happened in 2020, remember this review and tell them that solar PV shone in the darkness. Despite the mess of it all, 2020 has been another good year for Australian solar. The industry has demonstrated resilience, and significant progress has been made in the fields of energy storage, green hydrogen and others.


Traceable renewable energy on the half hour for C&I and communities

Powertracer is a new Australian-developed data platform that accounts for the origins of each retail customer’s energy in half-hour blocks. The effect is to open up new models of choosing and offering renewably sourced energy, and accelerate demand.

SA envisions becoming clean energy exporter with 500% renewables in new climate plan

South Australia could generate five times more renewable energy than the state currently demands by 2050, positioning itself as a national and even international exporter of clean energy. The SA government today released its climate Action Plan, adding to the chorus of state announcements.


200 MW K-REP solar farm: Queensland’s Korean-sponsored green gas play 

Hydrogen demand in South Korea is expected to reach 17 million tonnes by 2050. An ambitious solar PV project in the heart of Queensland’s unconventional-gas country, plans to be an early green supplier of the manufacturing nation’s hydrogen needs.

Free electric vehicle charging network trial in Adelaide

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) on Friday announced $983,776 in funding to Jolt Charge to develop and trial its free electric vehicle (EV) charging network in Adelaide.

Investors shatter state expectations with REZ submissions

Renewable energy investors have shattered the Queensland Government’s expectations with the state’s Renewable Energy Zones (REZs) attracting more than $90 billion in project proposals.


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