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UNSW research

PM’s Prize for Science awarded to UNSW’s Xiaojing Hao for her pioneering work thin-film PV

The 2020 Prime Minister’s Prizes for Science took place virtually this year, but that won’t quash the recognition of Xiaojing Hao, UNSW’s solar pioneer who took home (or rather, received at home) the prize for Physical Scientist of the Year. Hao’s work in thin-film photovoltaics is leading the world in fashioning new and sustainable applications for solar PV.


UNSW research disproves outdated claim that energy transition is an economic hindrance

University of New South Wales researchers have published research disproving claims that the energy transition to large-scale wind and solar would hinder the global economy. The research, which ousts outdated and cherry-picked data while showing the economically salutary effects of renewables, comes as 500 UNSW staff face the axe due to the impact of Covid-19.