Federal and WA governments partner to deliver energy savings for thousands in social housing


Social housing properties are some of the most energy inefficient in Australia, with most built more than 20 years ago before minimum build standards. Upgrading a house from a 1–star energy efficiency rating to a 3–star rating can reduce energy consumption by 30% and decrease household power bills.

That’s why the Australian government is partnering with the Western Australian government to implement a new state-run initiative, which will help remote and regional social housing residents in hotter climates such as the Kimberley, Pilbara, Gascoyne, Mid West and Goldfield regions reduce their energy bills and keep homes cooler in summer.

The WA Social Housing Energy Performance Initiative will run until 2027 and deliver energy upgrades including hot water systems and lighting.

The social housing properties for upgrade will be identified by the WA government and will be owned and managed by the WA Department of Communities or managed by the WA department on behalf of landholders.

This investment is part of the federal government’s $1.7 billion Energy Savings Package, $300 million of which is helping to fund upgrades for up to 60,000 social housing properties across the country.

Federal Minister for Climate Change and Energy Chris Bowen said “the government is committed to helping households make real cost of living savings through their energy bills.

“The Albanese and Cook Governments are helping all Australians to reap the rewards of the clean energy transformation.῎

WA Minister for Energy Reece Whitby said the state government has a strong record of making energy affordable for Western Australians.

“That includes by investing billions of dollars in the state’s supply of clean energy and providing $1800 worth of electricity credits since 2020. This investment builds on that record,” he said. “By supporting energy efficiency in social housing, we are lowering power bills for some of our State’s most vulnerable communities, making a real impact on their daily lives.῎