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Technology and R&D

Research team takes on lithium-ion tech with sodium-sulphur battery

Researchers from the University of Sydney have created a new sodium-sulphur battery which they say provides four times the energy capacity of lithium-ion batteries and is far cheaper to produce, providing the potential to dramatically reduce energy storage costs.

Global renewables capacity for hydrogen to surge by 2027, says IEA

The International Energy Agency says that it expects the use of renewables to support global hydrogen production to surge over the next five years. The Netherlands and Denmark, meanwhile, have revealed plans to expand electrolysis capacity.

Independent tool providing answers to complexities of home solar, storage launched

A free version of SunSPOT, a tool for tailored guidance on the ideal solar and battery set ups, has now been launched. Developed by APVI and UNSW, the online tool allows users to calculate size, cost and potential savings from household renewable systems and is the only such platform offering this information without a sales motive.


Brisbane startup to build cathode material plant in Germany after securing EU funding

University of Queensland spin-off Pure Battery Technologies which has developed a greener, cheaper process for refining critical battery materials has received a $57.45 million (USD 38.5 million) loan from the European Investment Bank to build a demonstration plant in Hagen, west Germany.

PVH’s success in Australia: ‘There are no obvious choices for us’

PV Hardware has become a leading solar tracker manufacturer in Australia, a market renowned for its growth, opportunities and difficulty. Pv magazine spoke to Alejandro Cantos, director of PVH for the Asia-Pacific region.

Panasonic unveils vehicle-to-home system for PV-powered homes

Panasonic claims that its new vehicle-to-home system can increase the self-consumption rate of residential solar and storage capacity to 90%.

Fast-charger to help drive Transgrid’s net-zero ambitions

As part of net-zero targets, New South Wales transmission network owner Transgrid plans to eliminate 100% of emissions from its passenger and commercial fleets by 2030 and to accelerate that strategy will trial a next-generation electric vehicle charger developed by Spanish firm Wallbox Chargers.


How variable is rooftop solar power?

A research group has developed a new methodology that shows PV systems located in the same area could have similar distributions of power ramps. Their three-step method could be used for the dimensioning of rooftop arrays and the scheduling of daily operations.

Floating PV for water pumping, desalination

An irrigation community has built a 786 kW floating solar array on a small water reservoir in Murcia, Spain. The facility will provide power for a solar water pumping system, a desalination unit, and the community itself.

Martin Green’s solar cell efficiencies at a glance updated

A research group led by Professor Martin Green has published Version 61 of the solar cell efficiency tables. The tables include a world record for a silicon heterojunction cell, announced by Longi earlier this week, as well as five more new results.

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