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Technology and R&D

Vanadium battery players partner on Queensland manufacturing supply chain

Australian minerals company Vecco Group will team with Japanese manufacturer Sumitomo Electric and Idemitsu Australia to build an ‘end-to-end’ manufacturing supply chain for vanadium flow batteries in north Queensland.

A cell maker’s survival guide

With solar production capacity expansion plans paused, bigger cell makers will weather the storm through a revised approach to new panel technologies. InfoLink’s Alan Tu says that low profits could also drive innovation and cost savings, pushing the industry to new heights.

Research finds climate, degradation rethink on inverter lifespans required

New research from Belgium shows the importance of assessing inverter reliability by including climate-based PV panel degradation rates. The scientists found that, especially in hot and arid climates, PV inverters should be designed with parameters above the standard value.

Weekend read: Artificial opportunities

Artificial intelligence (AI) is hot right now and is finding central applications in homes and businesses as they move from simple grid connections to self-generation, energy storage, electric vehicle charging, and load-shifting revenue streams. With AI everywhere, what’s the difference between advanced control via simple algorithms, and true intelligence?

Fluence broadens storage strategy with optimisation software

Global energy storage technology company Fluence has more than 1 GW of battery projects operating or under construction in Australia and it is now broadening its strategy beyond hardware to include optimising asset performance and servicing.

New anti-reflective coating for silicon solar cells

Developed by an international research group, the novel anti-reflective coating is based on silicon dioxide and zirconium dioxide. It reportedly minimises a solar cell’s reflection loss, while enhancing its light absorption properties.

Sharp unveils 580 W TOPCon panel with 22.45% efficiency

Sharp’s new IEC61215- and IEC61730-certified solar panels have an operating temperature coefficient of -0.30% per C and a bifaciality factor of over 80%.

AEG launches 23.3%-efficient ABC solar panel with 40-year warranty

AEG is currently offering three versions of its new ABC solar panels for rooftop applications, with power outputs of 445 W to 455 W and efficiency ratings ranging from 22.8% to 23.3%. They feature half-cut ABC cells with n-type technology.


Pacific delivers first hydrogen stand-alone power system for NT

Renewables company Pacific Energy has deployed a first-of-a-kind containerised hydrogen electrolyser and fuel cell as part of a technology development project that is exploring the feasibility of using hydrogen as a clean energy source and storage solution for the Northern Territory’s grids.


S-5! offers solar attachment solution to simplify wire management

S-5! has introduced a module-level power electronics mount for solar developers, installers, end users, and engineering, procurement and construction contractors who are looking for a mounting device for solar module frames, without attaching to rails.