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Neoen powers ahead as Australia’s top independent renewable energy producer

French renewables developer and big Australian energy player Neoen has reported strong revenue growth over the first nine months of 2019, driven in no small part by Australian successes.
Energy Storage

Kidston solar-pumped hydro project resumes with funding extension

After Genex Power’s offtake agreement with EnergyAustralia fell through earlier this month its concessional federal funding lapsed. However, the Project has secured an extension into 2020, hopefully allowing it enough time to restructure and reach fina...
Energy Storage

Tesla to build first European gigafactory in Germany

Elon Musk has promised a fab near Berlin that will help create up to 10,000 new jobs. Tesla wants to build the facility near the city’s controversial new BER airport.

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Markets & Policy

Qantas flying toward sustainable aviation

Qantas has set itself a 2050 net-zero carbon emissions target as the national carrier looks to push the aviation industry toward more sustainable practices.

110 MW Darling Downs solar farm finally opens after grid connection delays

One of Australia’s largest solar farms, APA Group’s 110 MW (AC) Darling Downs Solar Farm has officially opened after significant delays resulting from grid connection issues and last-minute changes of engineering and construction partners.

Orderly disorder: Cambridge scientists make surprising perovskite discovery

Researchers have made a finding they say could vastly simplify and reduce the production cost of perovskite solar cells. Working with mixed halide perovskites, the group found a disordered chemical composition can improve device efficiency.
Markets & Policy

Clean energy industry fears new transmission access rules will stymie investment

The Australian Energy Market Commission's proposed transmission access model has come under fierce criticism from the clean energy industry for being unnecessarily complex and likely to increase the cost of capital for future generation and storage inves...
Energy Storage

WA retraining electricity workers for standalone system expansion

The Western Australian government is looking to retrain 100 electricity network workers in the installation and maintenance of standalone power systems. Solar and storage systems could replace large parts of the state’s electricity network and WA’s u...

Press Releases

juwi consolidates its position as the world’s leading all-rounder in the field of solar PV

When it comes to large-scale free-field solar PV power plants, then the Wörrstadt (Germany) based juwi group is one of the world's top providers for project development, EPC and O&M services. This is the result of the recent evaluation of the Internet platform "Wiki Solar", which has been analyzing the market for PV power plants with a capacity of more than four megawatts ("utility scale") for years.

Energy density matters

Jinko’s high-efficiency module Tiger already places the company ahead of competitors

Local flexibility: The key to the future of networks

The first in a series of research papers from Cornwall Insight, in partnership with Complete Strategy and Shakespeare Martineau, has been released. The future of networks – setting the scene, describes progress in establishing regional flexibility markets and highlights key opportunities and challenges.

Solar SG appoints new chairman and CEO

Australia’s leading solar battery storage installation company, Solar SG, has appointed a new chairman and new CEO to help guide it through the next phase of its rapid expansion.

Opinion & Analysis


The journey to NEM 2.0

Australia made its first moves to open up its energy industry in the 1990s, when the National Electricity Market (NEM) was first created, and many of the rules and regulations from back then are still in place today. But the rise of renewables in the 21st century, argues Clean Energy Investor Group Chair Rob Grant, necessitates a rethink of this market structure.

Same same but different module

Utility-scale solar is booming in Australia. Quality assurance, especially solar panel testing, helps achieve better performance and lower costs. Best-practice testing is key, writes Michelle McCann, managing partner at PV Lab Australia, but must be planned and fully integrated into a project from an early stage. This integration ensures flow-through from panel manufacturers to commercial buyers and large project owners.

The race has only just begun

The Australian utility-scale PV and wind industries have just gone through a record two years of construction and commissioning. More specifically, writes Rystad Energy’s David Dixon, utility-scale PV has transformed from a megawatt-scale market to one measured in gigawatts. The resultant boom in utility-scale PV in the country has attracted developers, EPCs and OEMs, from at home and across the globe.

Safety is paramount

When Sony first commercially introduced lithium-ion batteries in 1991, the industry recognized their potential to revolutionize portable electronics. Ever since, there have been countless efforts to improve the technology, with many researchers focusing on energy density and longevity, in line with demand from emerging applications such as electric vehicles (EVs) and on-grid energy storage. Julian Jansen and Youmin Rong of IHS Markit discuss the effect of safety concerns on this rapidly growing global market.

On prices, technology and 2019 trends

A maturing PV market does not automatically deliver certainty in terms of technology roadmaps and industry dynamics. Crystalizing trends and anticipating developments is the business of analysts, so pv magazine assembled four of solar’s best to talk about prices, technology and market-defining policy developments.

Victorian solar rebate causes mayhem in the solar industry

The Victorian Labor Government announced in August last year a $1.3 billion “Solar Homes” package to assist homeowners in installing solar PV systems. The scheme will be offered to 770,000 Victorian households for the next 10 years and is in addition to the Federal STC ‘rebate’.

Markets & Policy


New Zealand passes landmark climate change bill

New Zealand claims antipodean bragging rights yet again as parliament passes landmark bill setting a 2050 net-zero carbon emissions target. The bill, among its manifold components, further highlights the void of federal energy policy in Australia.

South Australia’s renewables gain dispatchable back-up

South Australia’s renewables, particularly wind, have received firm dispatchable back-up as Barker Inlet Power Station begins generating energy for the first time.

Redflow to supply remote telecommunication sites in New Zealand

The New Zealand Rural Connectivity Group will use Redflow zinc-bromine flow batteries to store energy in off-grid telecommunication sites.

Singtel/Optus gets it right in the face of firestorms and a changing climate

Australia’s east coast is ablaze, with worse weather conditions set to fan the flames in coming days. Telecommunications is one industry threatened by changing climate conditions, and Singtel has sought to prepare its people and its infrastructure for the risks of the future while at the same time reducing its own carbon footprint.

Distributed storage market to grow nearly twentyfold by 2028

Market intelligence company Navigant Research has developed a country forecast of the global market. Incentives and pricing will be the main driver of installations, though the market will continue to be concentrated in certain key regions for now.

Shell to enter Australian electricity market as ERM stakeholders approve takeover bid

Fossil fuel giant Shell is set to make its foray into Australia’s electricity market after shareholders in electricity retailer ERM Power voted in favour of a $617 million takeover bid.



Investors ready US$20 Million for off-grid solar projects in the energy-stricken Philippines

The Philippines is desperately hungry for rooftop solar PV as it seeks to alleviate itself of energy poverty. Pathways are finally opening up for the vast Southeast Asian nation with investors readying US$20 million to fund four new renewable projects.

Saving water with solar and wind

Scientists at Princeton have found solar and wind energy offer the added environmental benefit of reducing water usage, by comparison with hydroelectric dams. Their findings, say the researchers, could have a positive impact on groundwater sustainability in drought-prone regions such as California, where they conducted a case study.

New tool to assess costs and benefits of switching to green hydrogen

A result of a collaboration between global accounting and financial services firm KPMG, Canadian gas giant ATCO, Australia’s national science agency CSIRO and Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), H2City can be used to assess the costs and benefits of regional town or municipality switching to hydrogen.

South Australia set for large-scale, blockchain-enabled virtual power plant

Known for its blockchain-based peer-to-peer platform that allows energy trading between households, Power Ledger is now readying for the first large-scale commercial rollout of its technology in Australia. The Perth-based company has partnered with electricity wholesaler Powerclub to allow households to pool net solar and battery storage and act as a virtual power plant.

Solar carpark to cover shopping center’s energy needs

As more and more shopping centres across Australia start to utilise solar PV atop their premises, carparks are becoming increasingly popular amid a lack of rooftop space. A solar array covering three double-parking bays at Dunsborough Centrepoint Shopping Centre will not only offer shade for shoppers but also almost completely cover the site’s daytime energy needs.

Tuvalu granted $6m for renewables ambition

The Asian Development Bank has signed off a grant for the South Pacific island nation to move on its plans to be 100% renewable by 2025.



Moixa reaches 100 MWh of virtual power plant capacity in Japan

The company says its network is the largest fleet of batteries under virtual power plant management worldwide.

Tritium expands to Europe and the U.S.

Brisbane-based Tritium is quickly becoming a world leader in EV charging technology as the company rapidly expands across Europe and the United States.

Australia could fall apart under climate change. But there’s a way to avoid it

Four years ago in December 2015, every member of the United Nations met in Paris and agreed to hold global temperature increases to 2°C, and as close as possible to 1.5°C. The bad news is that four years on the best that we can hope for is holding global increases to around 1.75°C. We can only do that if the world moves decisively towards zero net emissions by the middle of the century.

Scientists double down on hydrogen production

A team of scientists led by the University of Glasgow has discovered a more efficient method of splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen using electricity which it says could almost double the amount of hydrogen produced per millivolt.

French consortium develops hybrid storage and co-generation system

The Smart Energy Hub can operate in electrolysis mode to store renewable energy as hydrogen, or in fuel cell mode to produce electricity and heat from previously produced hydrogen or methane. Its developers are the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission and start-up Sylfen.

AEMO publishes indicative MLFs for 2020-21

The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) expects to see further declines in Marginal Loss Factors (MLFs) next financial year on a number of grid-scale PV projects, primarily in south-west News South Wales and north-west Victoria.


Risen bumps up warranty to 15 years

Chinese module supplier and project developer Risen Energy has increased its module warranty for its modules sold into the rooftop segment to 15 years. Representing an increase of three years, the warranty still trails the 25-year warranty covering modules from suppliers such as LG or Q Cells.

SolarEdge reports $1bn revenue in nine months

The third-quarter results for the inverter maker are in and look promising. All performance indicators are up for the steadily growing company.

Interview: What Fimer’s acquisition of ABB Solar means for Australian customers

The Solar Cutters were given the opportunity to meet Filippo Carzaniga, the CEO of Fimer, during All Energy last month to discuss the announcement in July 2019 that the company has acquired the ABB Solar business. Solar Cutters presented questions from within the Solar Cutters Community for better clarification on Fimer’s current market position and what changes, once the acquisition is ratified, will come into effect.

Ginlong’s strongest-ever quarter confirms shift in global inverter market

Chinese string inverter maker Ginlong has reported its best-ever quarterly revenue. The record highlights the shift in the global inverter market since Beijing’s U-turn on solar subsidies pushed Chinese companies abroad.

Jinko’s tiled Tiger delivers 460 W for utility scale, C&I developers

Chinese module giant Jinko Solar chose Australia for the launch of its Tiger module series, at the All-Energy show in late October. The Tiger incorporates three innovations, but perhaps most notably a tiled module configuration – sometimes referred to as paved. pv magazine Australia caught up with Jeff Zhou, Jinko’s Director Product Management to find out what makes it purr.

SMA to supply Greenough River second stage

The second stage of the first grid-scale solar plant in Australia, the Greenough River Solar Farm, will deploy German power electronics, with SMA announcing it has picked up a contract to supply the 30 MW development.

Energy Storage


Solar Homes battery rebate expands to another 80 postcodes

The Victorian government has extended its solar battery rebate from the initial 24 to 104 postcodes. Meanwhile, the demand for solar panel rebates has slightly slowed down.

Homing in on the keys to DER integration

Australia’s rooftop PV has become the country’s biggest potential energy resource. To harness it requires that millions of household and commercial generators cede control of their hard-won, sunny patch. A new research entity has been launched to understand energy consumers’ passions and motivators, and facilitate a fair and equitable social contract — no pressure!

Freedom from blackouts: first Q.Home case study

Hybrid home battery/inverter systems were the hot ticket at All Energy Australia last month. Those that provide back-up capacity will change the lives of people living in blackout-prone areas.

RedEarth partners with Siemens on new modular battery

Australian manufacturer RedEarth has announced a new energy storage system for the Australian commercial and industrial market using technology from the global engineering and technology company, Siemens.

Kidston solar-pumped hydro project stalls as funding falls through

Genex Power has failed to lock in a previously announced offtake agreement with EnergyAustralia for its landmark Kidston hub in northern Queensland and requested a trading halt with the ASX on their securities.

Tasmania firms its ambitions of becoming Battery of the Nation

Hydro Tasmania has released a white paper pushing the island state’s claims to become the Battery of the Nation via upgrades to the Victoria-Tasmania interconnector, an effort to unblock the backlog of solar and wind.


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