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Grids & Integration

Evergen to test DER optimisation technology in Japanese setting

Australian energy software provider Evergen will take its solar and battery optimisation technology to Japan after teaming with Japanese companies Sharing Energy and Sassor on a pilot project to explore how to best commercialise distributed energy resources, including rooftop solar and residential battery energy storage systems, in Japan.

Queensland flow battery maker integrates products with Chinese inverters

Queensland zinc-bromine flow battery maker, Redflow, has announced its batteries have successfully been integrated with Chinese brand Deye’s hybrid inverters. Redflow says the integration “provides a range of new capabilities previously unavailable to the Australian market.”


SolarEdge inverters first to ‘natively’ comply with SA’s flexible export program

Inverter and battery manufacturer SolarEdge has become the first vendor to meet, via native inbuilt software, the upcoming requirement in South Australia for “flexible exports” from residential solar systems. From July, the South Australian government will require new rooftop systems be fitted with software that allows SA Power Networks to dynamically control solar exports.


Educational events for engineers upskilling for hydrogen industry begin in Victoria

An educational event series aimed at upskilling engineers to enter the hydrogen industry is launching in February in Melbourne. The Hydrogen Industry Technical Series 2023 is being organised by the Victorian divisions of the Australian Institute of Energy and Engineers Australia.

SwitchDin to share Australian lessons with US-based VPP body

Energy management software company SwitchDin will share lessons learned during Australia’s ongoing transition to a two-way power grid with counterparts in the United States after teaming with a coalition of companies to scale up the use of virtual power plants.

Weekend read: Puerto Rican resilience

Before Puerto Rico had a chance to recover from Hurricane Maria, in 2017, it was rocked by earthquakes and then, in September 2022, the island was struck again – this time by Hurricane Fiona. These disasters severely impacted Puerto Rico’s infamously fragile power grid, but have emboldened local communities to take power into their own hands through solar and battery storage, and increasingly in the form of microgrids. Compelled by catastrophic circumstances, Puerto Rico must now push toward energy resilience and in the process may see itself become a model not just for other islands, but mainland grids as well.


ARENA funds development of national standards for harmonic compliance

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency’s recent funding spree has continued after it awarded a further $1.04 million (USD 700,000) to the University of Wollongong for a project that will look to develop national standards for harmonic compliance assessments. The current and rather ad hoc methodologies are proving incapable of addressing the challenges brought with increased renewable energy integration.

Governments unite on $7.8 billion transmission investment

The federal and New South Wales governments have combined on a landmark $7.8 billion (USD 5.25 billion) investment to help finance the development of eight critical transmission and renewable energy zone projects as they look to accelerate Australia’s clean energy future.


Lowering grid costs with voltage support from PV inverters at night

US researchers have proposed the use of solar inverters in utility-scale solar assets to replace expensive voltage compensators, in order to provide voltage support at night. They said reactive power from PV inverters could be significantly cheaper and suggested the introduction of incentives to convince PV plant owners.

Standalone power systems begin migrating to eastern states

Boundary Power, a union between West Australian standalone power system (SAPS) leader Horizon Power and Ampcontrol, has installed its first off-grid system for an unnamed east coast utility in regional New South Wales.

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