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Residential PV

South Australia unveils new export limits for rooftop solar

South Australia’s electricity distributor SA Power Networks has announced plans to introduce new ‘flexible’ export limits for rooftop solar PV in some areas of the state in a bid to manage the growing amount of distributed energy resources and associated network congestion.

India closing in on 7 GW of rooftop solar

India had installed 6.8 GW of cumulative rooftop PV capacity by the end of 2020, with consumer-owned systems accounting for about 72% of the total, according to Bridge to India.

JinkoSolar 2020 results reveal a resilient supply of Tier 1 solar modules

Pandemic uncertainties have concentrated key solar players and “heightened competition for ‘survival of the fittest'”, says JinkoSolar Chairman and CEO Xiande Li. The company’s latest figures show it is well placed in Australia and in the global arena.

Council ‘coffs up’ for free solar PV advice service

Concerned that a lack of understanding in the community is hindering the uptake of rooftop solar, a New South Wales local council has struck an agreement with the Australian Energy Foundation in a bid to demystify solar PV and battery energy storage systems.

Solar Professionals take rooftop tally over 8 MW with new contract

Commercial installation and service provider Solar Professionals will install almost 3 MW of solar PV across the rooftops of more than 800 homes in New South Wales after landing a new contract with the Aboriginal Housing Office (AHO).

Melbourne developer unveils Australia’s ‘largest’ vertical solar PV system

Victorian-based property developer Beulah has announced its soon-to-be-completed Paragon tower in the heart of Melbourne will be home to the nation’s largest and most efficient vertical solar PV system.


Tasmanian Labor installs solar at the top of its campaign promises

Tasmanian Labor believes Premier Peter Gutwein and his Liberal Party have dropped the ball on solar in a big way. Tasmanian Labor Leader Rebecca White is therefore promising $20 million to fund loans for residential and commercial solar and battery storage installations, as well as solar for state schools and social housing.

Solar and wind together overhaul global hydro capacity

The latest set of clean energy statistics compiled by the International Renewable Energy Agency signal a changing of the guard when it comes to clean power, with legacy hydropower facilities overtaken by new intermittent renewables.

Digital substations learn how to reliably work with variable renewables

“If I only had a brain …” Smart digital technology enables electricity substations to deliver greater reliability of operation and more consistent grid stability with increasing integration of renewable energy sources.

Sunday read: Building PV for the future

Financiers and investors have always understood that PV power plants play a more prominent role than just generating profits – they also produce electricity without emitting carbon. Lately, the sector is discovering that PV can fulfill a much larger range of environmental functions – improving biodiversity, removing carbon from enriched soils, and producing food in an environmentally sustainable way. Everoze Partner Ragna Schmidt-Haupt argues that putting ecological sustainability at the heart of PV project planning and operation should become the new standard.