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Residential PV

India added a record 521 MW of rooftop solar in Q2

The addition of 521 MW between April to June was India’s highest ever rooftop solar capacity installed in a single quarter.

Large-scale renewable investment may be trending up; rooftop PV surges on!

The Clean Energy Regulator has issued its second Quarterly Carbon Market Report for the year. Despite Covid and justified investor caution on big renewable projects, indicators from small- and large-scale energy certificate accounting show steady growth.


Let South Australia’s world-leading flexible solar exports trial begin!

Since July last year, SA Power Networks has been refining the technology and stakeholder engagement mechanisms that will enable dynamic solar exports to the grid, potentially ending an era of severe export limits on new customers in rooftop-solar-rich parts of the South Australian network and in other jurisdictions.

New mounting system for rooftop PV, from Austria

The mounting structure relies on a 5.8m long support rail that does not lie on the roof but is connected directly to a purlin placed below with self-drilling support screws.

Low-income tenants get relief in Australia’s big public-housing solar retrofit — latest evidence from WA

For a small infrastructure investment in rooftop solar systems, state governments can make a material difference to the lives of social housing tenants, and further their net-zero ambitions. Western Australia reports another win-win.

Powercor claims 30% increase in rooftop solar export approvals

Victorian network service provider Powercor claims a major works program designed to alleviate grid congestion in areas of high rooftop solar PV penetration has boosted the approval rate for new solar connections to export excess energy to the grid by an impressive 30%.

Solar could supply 77% of Australia’s electricity demand by 2026

Australia’s solar uptake is now forecast to reach 8.9 GW by 2025, on top of the 14 GW already installed, according to the Australian Electricity Market Operator.

Where rooftop solar meets the most money-saving energy plan — it’s personal

It’s not just big companies that are benefiting from digitisation and data analytics. Today sees the rollout of a new optimising algorithmic marvel that easily shows solar PV owners which of a myriad of constantly changing retail energy plans will save them the most on their electricity bill. No need to die wondering!


Solar eclipses coal for first time, setting renewable record

For the first time in the history of our national energy market, solar generated more electricity than coal, providing 41.4% of the national market on Sunday, while coal accounted for 41.2%.


EnergyAustralia explores microgrid technology in Melbourne housing estate

Australian electricity gen-tailer EnergyAustralia is exploring the benefits of microgrid technology, teaming with property developer Villawood Properties to establish a solar PV-powered microgrid community in Melbourne’s north that could see residents reduce their power bills by more than 50%.


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