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Residential PV

Renewables helping China to halve power prices compared to Australia, Europe

Wood Mackenzie says in a new report that China could install 230 GW of PV and wind capacity and export more than 200 GW of solar panels in 2023. Unlike Europe and United States, the country is avoiding the high curtailment of PV and wind.

Solar installers, designers, have 3 months to move to new accreditation scheme after CEC stripped of role

Australia’s Clean Energy Regulator has selected a new body to take over the role of accrediting solar installers and designers, a position previously held by the Clean Energy Council. The new organisation will be formally announced in February, 2024, with solar installers given three months to transition to the new scheme at no extra fee.

‘Cool roofs’ increase power yield in bifacial rooftop PV systems

A Spanish-Algerian research group has tested how “cool roofs” could help increase power yield in rooftop bifacial PV systems. Cool roofs are based on coating materials with high reflectance properties.

Tesla to take on incumbents in Australia’s retail market

Electric vehicle and battery energy storage manufacturing giant Tesla is aiming to “disrupt the traditional incumbents” in Australia’s electricity retail sector with its application for an electricity retailer licence having been accepted by the market regulator.

New MPPT approach for multi-string PV systems under partial shading

Egyptian researchers has developed a multi-string PV system with a converter control strategy, achieving 99.81% efficiency with a direct duty cycle for maximum power point tracking (MPPT).

Residential photovoltaic panels with high partial shading tolerance, high voltage

Scientists from South Korea have designed new photovoltaic modules with both rectangular and triangular shapes and solar cells connected in parallel, which they said have higher partial-shading tolerance compared with cells connected in strings. The panels are reportedly less sensitive to partial-shading geometries than shingled modules.

Message framing techniques to boost solar sales

A Dutch-German research team has tested how a series of framed messages may be used to boost PV system sales, addressing both self-interest and environmental concerns, and has found that all the proposed messages are effective at promoting the purchase of solar panel installations.

Indonesia plans expansion as floating solar plant launched

Indonesia has officially launched the largest floating solar farm in southeast Asia and already the proponents have agreed to more than triple the capacity of the 145 MW project as the nation looks to increase its renewable energy sources and switch away from coal.

Feasibility-first value selling – a turbocharger for commercial installer growth

A ‘Feasibility First Value Selling’ can transform solar sales processes, James Allston of Orkestra argues.

Fronius’ Australian marketshare tumbles due to stock shortages, but company says backlog now clear

Fronius, Australia’s most popular inverter brand, has lost almost 35% of its marketshare this year due to major stock shortages. After a year of supply issues, Fronius Australia’s managing director told pv magazine that its backlog, including for the GEN24 Primo 10, should be cleared by the end of November.

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