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Detailed customer energy data is becoming available, here’s what the government scheme could do for industry

Access to extremely detailed consumer energy data is becoming available in Australia part of the federal government’s Consumer Data Right scheme. Used imaginatively, the data has the potential to improve how investment decisions are made, and could even open up new approaches to energy retailing, Stuart Low, founder of Biza tells pv magazine Australia.

Shifting behaviour to enable a renewable future

The Australian energy grid is on the cusp of a big bang moment. The combination of market factors and situations we’re currently seeing will lead to a thrust of innovation. Renewable energy and smart devices are here to push forward the way we consume energy and drive a change for the better of our energy bills and for the environment.


Solar grazing methods a centrepiece of inaugural agrivoltaics conference

Dan French, executive producer of the Solar Farm Summit, told pv magazine USA that more than 500 farmers, manufacturers, and community solar developers likely attended the first US agrivoltaics conference in Chicago last week.

Stella the Stargazer is the latest in a trend of luxury solar-powered getaways

On the back of Covid-19 lockdowns, geopolitical energy crises, a cost-of-living crisis and evermore congested cities, some people are looking for alternate ways of living, while others are just looking for an cosy getaway that doesn’t come with a Sasquatch-sized carbon footprint. Enter Stella the Stargazer, a solar-powered holiday destination that makes living off-grid the lap of luxury.

EU solar manufacturers’ ESG credentials could bolster revival

With calls for a revival in European PV manufacturing becoming more urgent, the Environmental, Social, and Governance credentials of its PV producers are being touted as a way in which manufacturing can be supported or even protected. The case for the ESG credentials of European manufacturing was advanced by multiple speakers at the 2023 SolarPower Summit this week in Brussels.


Green loans spike as government supports new home loan program

The Bendigo Bank has reported a massive 600% spike in customers accessing green loans in the last year. The news comes just after the federal government’s green bank paired up with the Commonwealth Bank to begin offering builders and renovators working to high energy efficiency standards reduced rates on their home loans.

Locally built hydrogen tow trucks to be hauling in Victoria from this year

Hydrogen truck maker Hyzon has launched what is being hailed as Australia’s first locally designed and built hydrogen-powered truck at its regional headquarters in Melbourne. The 27-tonne truck is hitting Australian roads in a series of commercial trials this year, including as part of a longterm partnership with RACV, which has ordered three tow trucks.


Agrivoltaics can provide food, energy for growing world population

Cornell University researchers have discovered that soybeans planted beneath 3.9-meter-high solar modules can positively affect panel temperatures and the microclimates of farms.

Queensland to partner with SEC on solar panel recycling pilot

The Queensland government will team with the Smart Energy Council to develop an industry-led solar panel recycling scheme and investigate a ban on the dumping of end-of-life panels as it prepares for a surge in the number of decommissioned PV modules coming off rooftops.


Solar and storage provides energy solution for South Australian town

The remote town of William Creek in outback South Australia is now being powered entirely by solar backed by a battery energy storage system after the switch was flicked on a 200 kW PV array that eliminates the need for diesel generation.


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