Fortescue expands its UK operations by acquiring test facility


This new site marks a significant step in Fortescue’s commitment to advancing green technology and zero-emission solutions.

The newly acquired facility will play a crucial role in Fortescue’s expanding prototype, manufacturing and testing capability, enabling in-house management and control of the majority of product testing.

With access to cutting edge testing, and control chamber facilities, Fortescue will uphold the highest industry standards while continuing to drive green innovation. With a floor plan of 2339 square meters, the test site contains multiple test cells, a workshop, a battery prototype and development area, as well as a number of test control centres.

Mark Hutchinson, Fortescue Energy CEO, said, “We are excited to establish this new facility, which solidifies Fortescue’s position as a market leader in green technology.”

“This is a significant step forward for the company and demonstrates our commitment to building our electrification capability within the UK. For our customers, this means accelerated, and enhanced support for their testing requirements, all managed in-house. Further substantial investment in test equipment and services is also planned in the short and mid-term”

Recruitment efforts for engineers will commence as the facility expands to accommodate Fortescue’s growing green technology operations. The test, research, and engineering site is strategically located close to Fortescue’s existing battery manufacturing facility in Banbury, with a power supply of 2.8 MVA, to support future growth.