JinkoSolar Launched Tiger Neo Series + Energy Storage System at All Energy Expo 2022 Australia


One of the very first to offer N-type modules to the Australian market back in 2019, JinkoSolar is now the leading company in developing TOPCon N-type technology in the industry. The focus of the launch was the new 440W Tiger Neo residential panels coming in 2023.  The JinkoSolar Tiger Neo Family is already the leading N-type module on the market, offering more choices with different power classes to suit separate needs in Australia.

Suntank paves the way for energy security

The new Energy storage system “SUNTANK” has now hit the Australian market, which means with JinkoSolar you get a one-stop solution combining Jinko Panels and ESS together. In brief, JinkoSolar Suntank (JKS 10.24K-5HLVS) is a single-phase low voltage energy storage system providing energy savings and peace-of-mind. The Suntank system involves a hybrid inverter and a stackable low-voltage battery system, which makes it multifunctional and able to be connected with the PV system and electric grid, or to serve completely off-grid as a backup power source.

The inverter delivers 5kw AC Power Output, which covers the major daily electricity needs of typical household appliances. With the new Jinko ESS Cloud app, the data of each system can be seen, detected, and even managed and operated remotely. Jinko Suntank inverter is able to be connected with 2 MPPT strings of solar panels, with a PV voltage range from 120-550V. During times of short term electricity outages, the Suntank system is a perfect backup electricity source, automatically switching to battery sourced power in 16 milliseconds, serving an emergency circuit with up to 4kW instantanous power. It is not only quick in response but also safe for operation with an IP65 protection level, being both waterproof and dust-proof.  Since the battery arrangement is modular and stackable, it is flexible in both the amount of energy stored and the physical layout. Depending upon your requirements, the battery pack is scalable from 2.56kwh to 25.6kwh (from 1 to 10 units). With the modular and light design (28kg per battery), it is also pretty easy to install and upgrade. The SUNTANK battery pack features cobalt-free LFP material for class leading safety. Suntank has been specified with Australian conditions in mind, with excellent performance in a wide range of temperatures from the freezing temperatures of Tasmania at -10°C all the way up to 50°C seen in regional areas.

Tiger Neo keeps Australia at the cutting edge of solar technology

Since Jinkosolar’s Tiger Neo offers 22.3% efficiency at the module level, and with a 6% higher energy density than common p-type panels, the Tiger Neo series is able to deliver 20-30 Watts more in the same footprint (when compared to lower output p-type panels). This enables JinkoSolar customers to get more power from the same space, and 3-6% higher yield for the same nameplate system power. The more compact arrangement obviously delivers lower BOS costs and can save install time.

In addition to enhanced efficiency and power, another unique feature of n-type TOPCon technology is the avoidance of LeTID degradation which is an insurmountable problem of P-type PERC cells.  LeTID stands for Light and Elevated Temperature Induced Degradation. LeTID is a comparatively severe (and less understood) phenomenon of panel degradation. Field testing of PERC solar panels has shown degradation rates in excess of 8-10%.

With JinkoSolar PV+, not only can you generate and store your own electric power at a low cost, but also feed your surplus power back to the grid for profit.