Marinus Link confirmed to provide national energy security


The Australian Energy Market Operator’s released their Integrated System Plan (ISP) which outlines how Australia’s energy needs over the next 20 years will be provided.

Marinus Link is now officially confirmed in the ISP as proceeding to delivery – with timing as early as 2028-29 for the first of the two 750MW undersea Bass Strait Marinus Link interconnectors.

Listing Marnius Link as an “actionable project with decision rules” confirms a second Bass Strait interconnector is needed to keep the lights on across the country, and importantly will be delivered with “the successful resolution of how the costs will be recovered.”

This means that resolution of a fair costing allocation for Tasmanians is an essential step in implementing this project.
The Tasmanian Liberal Government stands steadfast – Tasmania should only pay our fair share for what is strategic national infrastructure benefiting the nation.

Marinus Link is the key to Tasmania’s biggest economic opportunity during the next decade and will play a vital role as we rebuild from COVID-19, by injecting up to $2.9 billion into our economy and creating up to 2,800 direct and indirect jobs across our state and Victoria, with the majority in regional Tasmania.

Marinus Link will also unlock a pipeline of investment in renewable energy and long-duration energy storage with an estimated value of up to $5.7 billion and 2,350 jobs.

Today’s report follows the Prime Minister’s announcement last month, that the Commonwealth Government would be providing additional resources to deliver this nationally significant piece of infrastructure sooner.

The ISP further confirms that Tasmania has what the rest of the country needs and BotN represents one of the most reliable and cost-competitive solutions for meeting Australia’s demand for affordable, reliable and clean energy.

Early works for Marinus Link are expected to be completed by 2023-24, including land and marine surveys; technical design and engineering; detailed modelling and analysis; and significant community engagement in both Tasmania and Victoria.

Our number one priority is to create jobs, rebuild the economy and protect the Tasmanian way of life, which is why we continue to back renewable energy projects and our vision to be a Renewable Energy Powerhouse.