RET Milestone An Important Step


The Australian Energy Council’s Chief Executive, Sarah McNamara, said: “We have had a bipartisan national renewable energy target in place since 2009, which has been very successful in driving investment in large-scale wind and solar generation.

“The Clean Energy Regulator has now confirmed that there are sufficient projects approved to meet the large-scale target for 2020. In other good news, the costs of those technologies continue to fall. This means we no longer need direct policy intervention to encourage investment in renewables as we anticipate investment in renewable capacity will be ongoing.

“But it is not yet ‘mission accomplished’. The energy market transition still requires careful planning. More renewables are part of the solution, not the solution itself.

“Now Government and industry need to think beyond the RET’s conclusion in 2020 to work out how to continue the journey of decarbonisation for the energy sector, while ensuring reliable supply at the lowest possible cost to consumers,” Ms McNamara said.