Solar Cutter Awards Night Nominations


The time has come to submit your nominations for the upcoming Solar Cutters Awards Night on the 22/10 in Melbourne
We will be selecting a total of 5 nominations per category which you will also vote on from early September
The categories are as follows:
-Best residential PV installation (Up to 30kW)
-Best commercial PV installation (30-100kW)
-Best commercial PV installation (100-500kW)
-Best C&I installation (500kW+)
-The Chosen REC installation (No size cap)
-The Chosen Winaico installation (No size cap)
-Most Innovative Solar Solution
*With submission please detail why this installation is innovative and/or creative
Please send your nominations to
-Can include grid connect, hybrid and off-grid configurations
-Can include storage
-Minimum of 3 photos
-Submission must include retailer and installer
-Submission must include system details including size, major components and location
-Must have been installed from October 2018
-Systems must be compliant and operational