Trina Solar To Launch 670W Vertex Modules In Australia


Trina Solar, which is participating in this month’s All Energy Australia online conference, is promoting its high-power, high-efficiency Vertex series modules in Australia as well as TrinaTracker.

“We have an extensive range of Vertex modules available in Australia starting with the 400W Vertex S which is proving popular with residential customers,” says Todd Li, Trina Solar President for the Asia Pacific region.

“The Vertex S has the right balance in terms of: power, efficiency, dimensions, weight and mechanical load for residential rooftops in Australia,” says Li.

“The company is also marketing 500W, 550W and 600W Vertex modules in Australia, to customers in the commercial, industrial and utility-scale segments. Utility-scale customers, in particular, want the lowest levelised cost of energy (LCOE) and lower balance of system cost (BOS), so they are opting for the higher-power, higher efficiency modules,” he says.

Trina Solar has a 670W module that it is now working to be listed by Australia’s Clean Energy Council which maintains a database of solar PV modules that comply with Australian standards.

“We are in progress for the application and aim to be listed in November. This will be a very significant development, because it will be the highest power, highest efficiency module available in Australia. We are already receiving a lot of enquiries in Australia for the Vertex 670W module which is a real ‘game changer’ for the utility segment.” says Li.

Trina Solar’s Vertex series modules achieve higher power and efficiency by incorporating new technologies, namely:

  • 210mm diameter solar cells — these are larger in size than earlier generation solar cells that are 166mm and 182mm diameter,
  • non-destructive cutting so each cell has smooth edges and maintains similar mechanical loading properties as non-cut cells
  • multi-busbar to increase light absorption and
  • high density interconnection technology to reduce the space between each cell.

The 670W Vertex modules, like others in the range, have a choice of mono-facial and bifacial. Bifacial modules coupled with trackers are very popular among those developing utility-scale projects. Trina Solar is unique because it is the only solar module manufacturer in the industry that also provides a truly compatible module and tracker solution.

“Trackers in Australia are now ubiquitous, with the increase in yield they provide driving the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) for projects ever lower. However, with the amount of utility-scale solar already deployed in Australia, we are finding that the remaining project sites are becoming increasingly challenging. Therefore, it’s important to partner with a tracker provider like Trina Solar that helps to reduce turnkey costs and mitigate key construction, civil and topography risks while providing deep and close technical support to our customers at every step of your project lifecycle,” says Andrew Gilhooly, Head of TrinaTracker and Utility Solution Sales for Trina Solar in Asia Pacific.

There are now two types of TrinaTracker’s systems available in Australia: the Vanguard 2P single-row tracker and the Agile 1P dual-row tracker. “We have an advantage over our tracker competitors, because Trina Solar is a pioneer of the new, larger format bifacial modules and we are one of the few tracker suppliers to have deployed at large scale in cyclonic regions of Australia. We deeply understand the engineering complexities of integrating these large modules onto our trackers in both a structurally and economically adequate fashion,” says Gilhooly.

“Trina Solar has just launched a training centre in Sydney to help industry professionals learn how to install our trackers and be certified. If people would like to see our training centre and learn more about TrinaTracker they are more than welcome to contact us,” he adds. People can sign up for a visit via this link.

“TrinaTracker is internationally certified and, for the Australian market we will also be incorporating Australian steel into our product,” adds Gilhooly.