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Dutton’s new emission goal stance signals ongoing climate war

Opposition leader Peter Dutton this week reiterated the Coalition’s support for the Paris climate agreement, following suggestions he might walk away from the deal. But he fuelled speculation the Coalition plans to scrap Australia’s current 2030 emissions target and confirmed he won’t announce the Coalition’s proposed target before the election.

Energy transformation stirring across suburbia

Much like death and taxes are life’s guarantees, so are warmer days and nights with the Bureau of Meteorology’s long-range forecast predicting Australia to have an 80% chance of above-average temperatures this Autumn.


‘Spilling’ excess power expected – and efficient

In Australia’s electricity system, more and more energy from sunlight and wind is being “spilled” – or not converted to electricity. In the past year, the amount of renewable energy spilled was roughly equivalent to the annual consumption of 750,000 typical households, or three months of consumption for the state of South Australia. Some have attributed these dynamics as being driven by a “solar power glut”.

Why clean energy sector is real winner of the 2024-25 Federal Budget

The 2024-25 Federal Budget had been eagerly anticipated, with expectations high for significant support towards green energy initiatives and green industry players.


Perfect recipe for accelerating residential battery uptake emerges

There are signs that Australian residential battery installations are set to rapidly increase. The appetite among the general public is there, and the conditions for growth are in place. In addition, fees for homeowners and small businesses exporting solar energy to the grid are coming our way.

Government’s cash splash aims to kickstart Australia’s battery industry

Australia has a new National Battery Strategy, unveiled as a key part of the federal government’s Future Made in Australia agenda. The vision is for this country to be making batteries with secure supply chains by 2035.

Will government investment make green hydrogen a reality in Australia?

In the budget last week, the federal government was keen to talk about its efforts to turn Australia into a renewable superpower under the umbrella of the Future Made in Australia policies.

Clean energy slump – why Australia’s renewables revolution is behind schedule, and how to fix it

For years, the electricity sector has been the poster child for emissions cuts in Australia. The sector achieved a stunning 26% drop in emissions over the past 15 years, while other sectors have hardly budged. The share of renewable energy has gone from 7.5% to more than 30% in that time.

Gas strategy huge misstep on Australia’s partway to decarbonised future

The Future Gas Strategy released by Federal Resources Minister Madeleine King is a massive misstep in the context of the strides the Albanese government has been making in pivoting to our economic future as renewables powered zero-emissions trade and investment leader.

Battery energy storage is ‘must-have’ to realise Australia’s renewable potential

Australia is in critical need of robust planning of distributed battery energy storage systems to increase network flexibility alongside the development of new generation resources and transmission infrastructure.

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