Boost for solar funding fintech Smart Ease as Tim Reed joins


Smart Ease, a fintech which helps organisations to fund smart and energy-efficiency technologies such as solar panels and batteries, is pleased to announce that Australian business leader Tim Reed has joined the business as an investor and will Chair the company’s advisory board.

Smart Ease’s digital platform approves funding applications in minutes and is used by dozens of channel partners, including major retailers Origin, Energy Australia and AGL. To date, Smart Ease has funded over $250 million in transactions in Australia and New Zealand for diverse organisations including major enterprise, schools, government, and community organisations, and plans to grow that to over $1 billion in transactions over the next five years.

Reed is currently President of the Business Council of Australia and Managing Director of private equity firm Potentia. He was previously CEO of MYOB from 2003 to 2019.

Reed said he was drawn to the Smart Ease business by the problems it solves. “I like a technology business that helps companies achieve better outcomes, and the economics for the Smart Ease solution are compelling,” he said.

“Smart Ease enables utilities, including the major electricity retailers, to simply and quickly fund their clients solar and battery needs, through on-invoice financing.

“With the cost of energy soaring this allows organisations to access cheaper and cleaner energy and avoid the upfront capital outlays. Smart Ease will therefore assist businesses lower their energy costs and carbon footprint at the same time.

“Smart Ease is well placed to help organisations accelerate their decarbonisation programs,” Reed said. “Even just accounting for battery and solar, the required investment will be in the billions. Smart Ease is poised to ride a wave of growth as organisations contend with rising energy costs and start to plan their transition towards net-zero emissions.”

Reed was also impressed by Smart Ease’s experienced team, led by founders Guy Olian and Rob Williams. “Smart Ease is driven by a great team who are experienced in this market and have proven their ability to drive this unique idea and grow it,” Reed said.

Guy Olian, CEO, said the start-up had found strong and growing demand for its fintech solution. “Globally, we’re in the early stages of an enormous investment phase in moving toward more sustainable technologies,” Olian said.

“Smart Ease is focused on helping organisations decarbonise and digitise their operations. We have established strong links with key players in the energy and smart-technology market and we’re ready to grow the business.

“We’re delighted to have Tim’s support and mentoring. We will continue to work together to make it easier for organisations to adopt energy-efficiency and smart technologies including solar power,” Olian said.