Canberra homeowners pay less than $1 a day for their power



Canberra homeowners with Reposit solar battery systems are earning money and reducing their power bills for participating in Australia’s largest virtual power plant.

Reposit Power and electricity network owner Evoenergy switched on the virtual power plant (VPP) in November last year.

Reposit Power CEO Dean Spaccavento said many Canberra homeowners have made the smart decision to invest in renewables to lower their power bill but can earn money by participating in Canberra’s VPP.

“A solar battery with Reposit’s smart software is already helping many Canberra homeowners to reduce their power bills,” Mr Spaccavento said.

“By participating in Canberra’s virtual power plant, homeowners can earn money and prevent blackouts and stabilise our electricity grid.

“More than 400 Canberra households with Reposit solar battery systems have reduced their power bills to less than $1 a day by participating in the VPP as part of Evoenergy’s demand management program.

“Over the summer, more than a quarter of Canberra Reposit customers had no power bill at all.

“Households earn $1.00 in GridCredits® for each kWh they discharge, which is about nine times the current available solar feed-in-tariff in Canberra.

“The advantage of creating a VPP compared to a centralised battery system like the Tesla big battery in South Australia, is that in addition to helping support our electricity grid, household batteries also work to directly reduce homeowners power bills every day.

“When hundreds of batteries all work together in unison, households can work with electricity retailers and and distributors to activate batteries to bring stability to the grid and help prevent blackouts,” Mr Spaccavento said.

The ACT Government’s Next Generate Storage program supports the roll-out of around 36MW of distributed battery storage in more than 5000 homes and businesses by 2020. This is one of the largest roll-outs of distributed solar battery storage technology in the world.

ACT residents may be eligible for subsidised battery storage under the ACT Government’s Next Generation Energy Storage Program.

To participate, ACT residents need to install a smart solar battery with Reposit. Reposit will help homeowners sign up to the VPP.