Canopy Power boosts eco-credentials of Telunas Private Island with fully customised renewable energy microgrid


SINGAPORE, 9 September 2019 – Canopy Power has completed a Solar PV-Diesel-Energy Storage microgrid for Telunas Private Island, owned by Telunas Resorts. Based on renewable energy, the independent microgrid was tailored to the electricity generation needs of the resort, remotely located in Indonesia’s Riau Archipelago and 40 kilometres away from the nearest power grid that is on Batam. With the system now complete and fully operational, the Telunas Private Island project has a renewable energy impact of 60 per cent – a significant contribution to the award-winning resort’s eco-credentials.

The microgrid was designed, developed and constructed by Canopy Power, which specialises in fully customised, independent clean energy microgrid systems. The components selected specifically for Telunas Private Island include Singapore-made ground- and roof-mounted solar panels with a capacity of 110 kilowatt peak by REC Solar, and solar inverters by German company SMA. A 144 kilowatt-hour Lithium-ion energy storage system by AlphaESS was also specified, to store surplus solar power for use at night and during periods of low-intensity sunshine.

Benefits of the system include tremendous savings on electricity generation, having a reliable and stable power source, and minimising the logistical complexities of dealing with diesel fuel, besides boosting the eco-credentials of the luxury resort. Both the staff and guests at Telunas Private Island will now enjoy a better atmosphere and experience, with noise and air pollution from the existing diesel generators reduced to the minimum.

“Canopy Power recognises that the electricity needs of each customer – whether it’s a resort, fishery or plantation – are inherently different and site-specific. We are happy, therefore, to be providing customised turnkey solutions, in order to deliver maximal results for cost-efficiency and clean energy generation. We hope that this successful implementation of our system and technology to Telunas Private Island sets the bar for creating a positive impact socially, economically and environmentally,” says Sujay Malve, founder and CEO of Canopy Power.

As part of its offerings as a microgrid solutions provider, Canopy Power also continues to monitor and manage the newly implemented system via its in-house developed Hornbill platform.

Telunas Resorts’ efforts to reduce its carbon footprint and minimise high energy-consuming equipment prompted the engagement of Canopy Power in early 2019, resulting in a reduction of diesel consumption on Telunas Private Island by 60 per cent. With Canopy Power’s system implementation, the projected amount of renewable energy that will be generated per year is about 120,000 kilowatt hours, and the amount of diesel that will be saved per year is about 45,000 litres. This translates to 118,800 kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions avoided, and an equivalent of 80 acres of forest for carbon dioxide sequestration – an immensity for just one island.

“We are glad to have adopted this independent renewable energy microgrid by Canopy Power. It has made an enormous difference in reducing not just our electricity costs, but also our carbon footprint. This is in line with our company direction of making a positive impact in remote locations. It would be great to see more remote businesses across the various industries embrace this technology, so we can all move towards global sustainability.” says Mike Schubert, co-founder of Telunas Resorts.