Carnegie wins phase 2 European wave energy contract


Perth-based Carnegie Clean Energy said its 100% owned subsidiary CETO Wave Energy Ireland has been awarded a contract for phase 2 of the EuropeWave Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) program.

EuropeWave PCP is a competitive stage-gate program designed to advance promising wave energy converter systems to a point from which they can be developed for commercial exploitation through other national and regional programs and private investment.

“EuropeWave is a driving force behind the global adoption of wave energy, aiming to identify, evaluate and fund the most promising wave energy technologies,” Carnegie chief executive officer Jonathan Fiévez said. “Being selected to continue into Phase 2 of the program is a huge endorsement of the applicability of the CETO technology and validates our commercialisation pathway.”

CETO was selected alongside four other companies, out of the initial seven that delivered phase 1, to deliver phase 2 of the program. Phase 2 includes Front End Engineering Design (FEED), wave tank testing, power take-off component testing and related certification and commercialisation activities. The stage is expected to run from the end of September to June 2023.

CETO said its progression to the second stage of the program shows the potential for its technology to be a frontrunner in the European wave energy space. Positive feedback was received in areas such as the techno-economic optimisation, approach to system performance, advanced control, levelized cost of energy (LCOE) modelling and forecasts, proposed activities, risk management and a strong and capable project team.

Phase 2 follows concept development in phase 1, which delivered substantial progress in advancing the CETO prototype design and validation work through tank testing in Spain.

Following the completion of Phase 2, three of the five companies will be selected to continue to the final phase, which includes deployment in open-sea conditions at the Biscay Marine Energy Platform (BiMEP) in the Basque Country or the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) in Scotland. The final phase is expected to start in September 2023 and conclude in May 2026.

“This has been an incredible journey,” Fiévez said. “Our fantastic team and consortium of partners have worked relentlessly to complete CETO’s design and tank testing campaign and test the technology’s performance in the European wave conditions. A number of significant improvements were made in optimising CETO’s performance and cost of energy during Phase 1, which will help in the next stage.

“Interest is building and it is only a matter of time for wave energy to become a key component in the renewable energy mix. We have the right technology and established partnerships to accelerate the adoption of the next big source of clean energy.

The €20 million EuropeWave PCP is a collaboration between Wave Energy Scotland (WES), a subsidiary of the Scottish government’s Highlands and Islands Enterprise, and the Basque Energy Agency (EVE).