Countrywide Hydrogen collaborating with Enosi for renewable energy guarantee of origin


A worldwide trend towards 24/7 traceability of energy from “source to socket” has been boosted through declarations by major global corporations including Google and Microsoft, and governments including the U.S. federal government, of their goal to source all their electricity consumption from traceable renewable sources.

In particular, regulation changes in the European Union and the U.S. have in the past 12 months confirmed the requirement for green hydrogen production to meet higher standards than previously applied to renewable energy consumption including 24/7 time-matching.

The Australian government is currently designing an internationally aligned guarantee of origin scheme to track and verify emissions associated with hydrogen and renewable electricity made in Australia.

The guarantee of origin will show where a product has come from, how it was made, and the emissions throughout its lifecycle.

Enosi is an Australian company whose proprietary Powertracer energy traceability technology matches electricity generation with consumption on a sub-hourly basis. For hydrogen to be considered fully renewable, it will be necessary to provide independent and trusted certification that the energy that powers the electrolyser, refuelling stations and associated equipment in sourced from renewable energy.

The collaboration between Countrywide and Enosi will provide certification of the provenance of hydrogen when dispensed from Countrywide’s various proposed projects.

Globally, there are various initiatives to certify hydrogen’s “green-ness” and because this product is in its infancy the tracing methods being discussed tend to be “the low hanging fruit” of compliance not suited to reaching 100% renewable.

Countrywide and Enosi see an opportunity to reframe the discussion to offer hour by hour traceability for green hydrogen as the “gold standard” for hydrogen certification.

Countrywide Managing Director Geoff Drucker said: “Together with Enosi, we believe this collaboration to be a first in Australia in terms of a system to provide a guarantee of origin being implemented for a renewable hydrogen project in Australia that services external customers and demonstrating similar opportunities for like projects.”

Enosi CEO Steven Hoy said: “This partnership is a major step to a clean energy future aligning Australia with global standards for renewable hydrogen.”

“By using our technology, Countrywide Hydrogen is leading the way on a path to gold standard hydrogen certification that we believe all Australia will need to travel to have its clean hydrogen commercially viable across global markets.”