Fimer Australia opens submissions for its Electric Vehicle charger giveaway on World EV Day


The electric mobility’s global market continues its unstoppable growth, both in terms of registrations of “hybrid” (PHEV) and “full-electric” (BEV) vehicles and, at the same time, the need to offer charging infrastructures is increasing. Although we see slower growth in Australia, the latest State of Electrical Vehicles Report published by the Electric Vehicle Council of Australia reports that the sale of electric vehicles has continued to grow in the last 12 months despite Covid-19 and a decrease in overall vehicle sales. Australia has also seen an increase by over 20% in EV charging stations installed around the country.

Jason Venning, Fimer Australia country manager, highlighted, “There is a lot more to be done at a local, state and federal government level to drive the growth of electric vehicle adoption in Australia but some of the incentives being offered now will give it a healthy kick-start. Investing in highway charging infrastructure and introducing electrical vehicle chargers now at the home, office and in public areas will help minimise consumer fears about range anxiety and encourage the consideration of an electric vehicle as their next purchase.”

Since 2017, Fimer has been working with leading players in electric mobility, developing and manufacturing charging solutions in Italy for electrically powered vehicles. To date, Fimer has supplied more than 35,000 charging stations. Fimer has developed a range of AC and DC charging platforms, including the FimerR Flexa AC Wallbox, Fimer Flexa AC Station and Fimer Electra (Fast) DC Station. These solutions come in a range of power sizes and functionality to meet the diverse needs of users seeking
solutions for private, public and commercial use.

To celebrate the launch of Fimer’s electric vehicle charging range in Australia, Fimer will donate a Fimer FlexaA AC Wallbox EV charger to two Australian Community Groups. The application form is open from Thursday, September 9 (World EV Day) until Thursday, September 30. The Fimer team will review the applications and announce the two winners in October 2021.

“Fimer is excited to be bringing its electric vehicle charger range to Australia,” Venning said. “We are proud to support the Australian community and we are looking forward to donating these EV charging systems to two community groups who are passionate about sustainability and the future of e-mobility.”

The Fimer Flexa AC Wallbox being donated is a quality charger manufactured in Italy with the outside casing made using 100% recycled materials. It is ideal for private or small public facilities and is available with either a T2 cord or a T2 or T3A socket. It has three connectivity configurations with four power sizes to choose from, making it suitable for a wide variety of applications.