Hydrogen vehicle maker H2X Global plans major exchange listing


The company, which is undertaking a small capital raising, has developed a light duty (30- 75kW) optimised Hydrogen Fuel Cell Hybrid system based on decades of experience in vehicle development. H2X is focused on high use vehicles for commercial and sharing purposes where the availability of the vehicle is key.

The company’s Hydrogen Fuel Cell Hybrid technology is designed to drastically reduce refuelling time and increase driving range and hydrogen efficiency.

Fuel Cell vehicles offer the ability to be refuelled in a similar style and speed to traditional vehicles, and this level of convenience lends itself well to professional vehicles that cannot afford to be off the road for long periods as is the case with Battery Vehicles.

H2X’s focus is to offer fleet and professional vehicle users a clean alternative that is efficient and effective. The company’s approach is to optimise the vehicles to suit their situations. H2X Taxi Range (city) 450km Refuelling time 3 to 5 mins Vehicles per hour 12 to 20 Refuelling infrastructure can serve several vehicles per hour optimising resources for H2X’s modular platform allows the company to offer several solutions with the Hybrid Energy System and the Fuel Cell to maximise the efficiency and performance according to the user.

“One of our city focused vehicles will have a different Hybrid battery solution to a city vehicle, where we are working with more dynamic technologies to maximise retention of Kinetic Energy, which is our speciality to improve efficiency of the vehicles,” CEO Brendan Norman said.

“H2X works with hydrogen infrastructure providers and forward-thinking industries to establish ecosystems which are cost effective from the start, where we look to offer multiple applications of vehicles to make it easy to reach a critical mass in one location,” Norman said of H2X’s approach to market.

“This supports not only the refuelling exercise, but also allows us to establish high-quality after sales operations in all locations that our customers will be using hydrogen. Hydrogen ecosystems deliver opportunity for a wide range of products to be delivered quickly – our products focus on this market.”

H2X is developing multiple light vehicles using the H2X powertrain system – a common chassis using sophisticated localised and renewable biocomposite materials, and has developed a modular power concept that enables the fitting of H2X power systems to existing and new heavy equipment, allowing for fast development of the hydrogen economy.

“Our approach on the vehicles is a complete redesign of the concept of how we build it. The production of vehicles can be optimised significantly with clean energy powertrains because of the shape and integration of the powertrains,” says Chris Reitz, Head of Design Vice President.

“We have exciting developments for efficiency, performance and to a very large extent in terms of use of renewable materials and clean manufacturing process.”

With a diverse range of products off a common platform, H2X can quickly support financially sound business cases for hydrogen rather than battery electric for commercial vehicles. Battery electric vehicles currently have long charging times and poor expected life and issues with the disposal of lithium batteries.

Unlike traditional pilot projects, H2X’s unique product range can support a diverse range of units aiming offer a number of options in any locations to allow for Hydrogen Refuelling Facilities to reach critical volume to be cost efficient within a year of operation, globally setting the pace for hydrogen rollout programs.

Hydrogen uptake accelerating the global hydrogen market is accelerating with governments around the world committing billions of dollars in incentives to accelerate the transition to renewable energy and meet their net zero emissions targets.

Hydrogen fuel cells in particular have become a key focus for many given the technology advancements that have enabled hydrogen FCEVs to refuel more quickly and travel longer distances.

H2X is pushing into new markets, with a series of products due for release in the coming months that will show new ways of working with hydrogen and bringing clean energy to many different applications in cities.

Hydrogen technology is attracting significant investment from not only those developing the tech but retail and institutional investors as well.