Massive new Victorian Government solar policy


This is a $1.24 billion program.

The program will save the typical Victorian household $2,225 for an average 4kW solar system.

If re-elected, the current Victorian Government will also provide a four-year interest free loan for the other 50%, to allow Victorians to save around $890 a year on their power bills with no up-front cost.

Homeowners will not be limited to a 4kW system, but only half of the first 4kW will be covered by this scheme.

This is a massive boost for families wanting to slash their power bills and a real shot in the arm for job creation and skills development.

This announcement will create 5,500 new jobs and help train 4,500 Victorian electricians.

A new independent agency, Solar Victoria, will also be created to manage the program.

This program delivers the ‘tri-benefit’ of solar, it is good for families, good for jobs, and good for the environment.

Victoria backs solar, Turnbull Government smashes solar

The contrast could not be starker.

On Tuesday, the Coalition Party Room will again be at war over energy policy.

Smashing renewables via the NEG and smashing small scale solar by attacking the SRES are in full swing.

The Turnbull Government’s position is clear:

  • No new renewable energy projects for a decade under the National Energy Guarantee.
  • No help for families and businesses to cut their power bills with solar.
Kind Regards, 
John Grimes 

Chief Executive, Smart Energy Council