Not Business as Usual for Australia’s Clean Energy Industry


On 20 September 2019, the School Strike for Climate will be hosting rallies in all capital and regional cities. Businesses who are frustrated with climate inaction can sign-up with Not Business As Usual and show their support by:

(a) Either shutting their business for the day to allow their employees to attend these rallies

(b) Offer a long lunch break for employees to attend rallies

(c) Have a meeting free day to show their solidarity over the lack of climate action

Positive Good, an integrated marketing and communications consultancy that works with the cleantech and renewable energy industry has signed up to support Not Business As Usual.

Olivia Smith and Gabriel Wong co-founders of Positive Good said, “Climate inaction and the lack of policy leadership in Australia’s clean energy industry is severely impacting businesses and households who are looking to make a transition towards a clean energy future. It has not been business as usual for the clean energy industry and we need to put policy makers on notice by supporting the School Strike for Climate and Not Business As Usual.”

“Solar installers, technology vendors, project developers to investors who are committed to building a clean energy future in Australia are extremely frustrated with this policy vacuum. It has hindered their ability to grow the clean energy industry and the lack of policy certainty and a new Renewable Energy Target is hurting this industry.”

In addition to assets available to businesses to show their support for the Not Business As Usual Alliance, Positive Good has developed a Facebook social media tile that companies can customise with their logo to share through their social networks.

Olivia and Gabriel added, “We want companies in the cleantech and renewables industry to tell their stories on how climate inaction and policy uncertainty has impacted their businesses. It could be solar installers who have lost their businesses because the administration of a household rebate scheme has failed them to utility scale developers who have faced rising project costs due to the onerous requirements imposed on their projects to connect to the grid.”

To sign up for Not Business as Usual, visit and you can download a customisable social tile to include your company logo for the clean energy industry here.