Smart Energy 2024 showcases solar for all


The event features more than 100 exhibitors and more than 10,000 delegates across two days at the International Convention Centre in Sydney.

Grimes said the event brimgs together all parts of the renewable and smart energy sector, with world-leading manufacturers, distributors, project developers, financiers, diplomats and decision-makers.

“Access to smart, renewable energy is critical with the current cost of living crisis,” he said.

“This event is an event of solutions to high fuel and electricity prices across Australia.”

“Smart energy, such as rooftop solar, costs households as little as 2.8 cents per kilowatt hour compared to the national average of 28 cents for electricity from the grid.”

“You would struggle to find a street in Australia without a solar rooftop. And it’s not just popular, it’s a money saver.”

“Smart Energy 2024 maps out how renewables will transform Australia, provide energy security, future jobs and play a critical part in keeping living costs down.”

“People who rent, live in apartments and low-income homeowners could slash their power bills if they had the support to access rooftop solar and batteries.”

“There is a clear role for government ahead of the next federal budget and the Smart Energy Council joins Wentworth MP Allegra Spender in calling for new measures to give more Australians access to renewables at their home or business.”

The conference is also set to dispel the latest nuclear power myths.

Grimes said the Federal Coalition couldn’t explain the costs of using small nuclear reactors (SMRs).

“French power company EDF has already seen a 30% cost blow-out building six nuclear power plants,” he said.

“SMRs are an unproven, expensive and unpopular technology, that can’t compete with the abundant, affordable and sustainable renewables.”

“Nuclear options for the Australian grid won’t be viable until the 2040s at the earliest.”

“Coalition MPs should come and see Australia’s world-leading renewables on display at this week’s event.”