Solar PV installer declared ineligible to install solar systems under SRES


This is the first time that the CER has exercised the additional powers to disqualify an installer since amendments to the Renewable Energy (Electricity) Regulations 2001 came into force. The declaration can be found on our Current Declarationspage.

Between 1 February 2022 and 5 August 2022, Mr Coulthard provided false written statements claiming he was the accredited installer or supervisor of 12 solar PV system installations. The CER found that Mr Coulthard did not attend the installations and failed to meet the CEC’s onsite requirements for a person responsible for installing or supervising a solar PV system installation.

The CER considered the nature of the offending and Mr Coulthard’s cooperation throughout the investigation in deciding that pursuing court action was not an appropriate response in this instance.

Since the amendments to the Renewable Energy (Electricity) Regulations 2001 that granted the CER additional powers, the CER has communicated extensively with industry. We used website updates, webinars, emails and spoke directly with industry participants to make it clear that those who did not comply with their obligations would see action taken against them. Since this communication campaign there has been a significant drop in installer non-compliance.

The CER continues to remind accredited installers they must meet their on-site attendance obligations for the installation of small-scale solar PV systems. To be eligible for STCs the accredited installer must install or physically attend the site during job set up, mid-installation check-up and testing and commissioning. The CER will not tolerate those who are unwilling to do the right thing.

For further information please see SRES Compliance activities or contact us.