Trina Solar develops innovative packing solution that reduces shipping costs by 12%


This new vertical packing solution, specially developed by Trina Solar, is recognized by many international shipping and logistics companies – such as Maersk, COSCO, ZIM and Evergreen Marine and China Postal Express & Logistics – in terms of safety and cost reduction.

The impetus for the new packaging solution was the recent launch of Trina Solar’s Vertex series of 600W+ modules.

Trina Solar developed a packing method that places the modules vertically, inside the container, so that the placement is no longer limited by the conflict between the width of the modules and the height of the container. This makes the best use of the container’s internal capacity.

This new method means 12% more modules can be shipped inside each shipping container, which in turn reduces the shipping cost by 12% for each module.

Trina Solar’s new packing method has also been developed so that the whole packing process is safe from product packaging to transportation and unloading.

First of all, the factory packaging is completed by automatic equipment to ensure safety and efficiency. Secondly, in the process of transportation, the modules pallets are closely arranged inside the container, to avoid shaking, tilting and collision. Finally, stable and reliable unloading and transfer is achieved at the project site to see that there is safe delivery to the customers.

This new packaging and logistics method has been fully proven in terms of safety and efficient use of containers.

Module’s load capacity also affects logistics efficiency. The load capacity of Trina Solar’s 670W modules is also tested. The optimized frame design and material selection are preventive measures to ensure smooth loading, unloading and transportation.

Meanwhile, for the post-transportation stage of unpacking and installation, Trina Solar provides simple and easy-to-use auxiliary tools, which can be used as the support of the box body to ensure the safety in the entire unpacking process.

Many empirical studies have proved that 670W modules can lead to the overall installation cost reduction by 5% to 7%.

In addition, Trina Solar has started to develop automatic installation machines, retaining only the delicate manual operations such as fastening screws.

This will improve the installation efficiency, reduce the labor costs, and drive down the levelized cost of energy (LCOE).

The upgraded packing method and lower transportation and installation cost of the 670W Vertex module is another testament to Trina Solar’s relentless pursuit of innovation to create greater value for the customers.