Victorian Government becomes founding partner in Zero Carbon Certification Scheme for renewable hydrogen and ammonia


“The Victorian Government is leading the nation in climate action and support for renewables and now it’s become a leader in renewable hydrogen,” said John Grimes, chief executive of the Smart Energy Council.

“The Zero Carbon Certification Scheme is a certificate of origin scheme for renewable hydrogen, renewable ammonia and renewable metals. It’s an absolutely critical step in building the jobs and industries of the future.”

Victorian Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change, Lily D’Ambrosio said: “This is exactly what is needed to accelerate renewable hydrogen in Australia. Once again State Governments and businesses are having to fill the climate policy vacuum left by the Federal Government.”

The Smart Energy Council and the Victorian Government will work together in identifying, promoting and certifying renewable hydrogen, ammonia and metals projects in that State.

The other initial founding partners are the ACT Government, Ammonia Energy Association, COP26 High Level Champions for Climate Action, CWP Global, Energy Web, Power Ledger, Star Scientific, Evoenergy1 and the ACT Renewables Hub.

The German Energy Agency (dena) and the Australian National University are advisers and Green Hydrogen Catapult a partner initiative for the Zero Carbon Certification Scheme.

The Ammonia Energy Association is a global industry association that promotes the responsible use of ammonia in a sustainable energy economy.

The Green Hydrogen Catapult is a global coalition of seven leading renewable hydrogen companies seeking to accelerate the scale and production of green hydrogen 50-fold in the next six years.