A new book seeks to swell the ranks of renewable-energy advocates

The global renewable-energy transition needs a massive injection of community advocacy and engagement if countries are to have any effect on global warming. Industry analyst and commentator Ketan Joshi hopes to seed confidence among people still sitting on the fence to argue for and support renewable developments in their communities.

The SEC had a plan to manage SA’s rooftop solar abundance, but the state government simply flicked the switch?

Distributed rooftop electricity generation means that many more parties have a stake in rule changes and amended standards for equipment than when a few coal-fired plants ruled the NEM. The South Australian Liberal Government seems to have eschewed consultation with overriding new rules that could hurt many small solar businesses and shake the trust of solar households.

Community solar project breaks ground in Australia’s bush capital

Achieving net-zero emissions for Australia is a community undertaking. In Canberra, SolarShare has over several years helped citizens without access to rooftop PV possibilities, to invest in the means to their clean future.


Evie Networks connects the dots for EV drivers in Tassie

Every new regional EV charging station is a trailblazer. Last week, Evie Networks launched the first of three ultra-fast charging opportunities it has planned for Tasmania. Company CEO Chris Mills talked to pv magazine about the many factors the company considers in situating its infrastructure, to enhance the freedom of EV drivers to travel where they like.

NSW Government recycling trials to seed a circular solar economy

Where do old solar panels go to die? Sending them to landfill makes a mockery of their green beginnings, and imposes a new burden on our already stressed environment. The New South Wales Government intends to get ahead of this important end game with funding to develop viable models for solar system recycling.


Solar provides cheapest energy; incurs highest FCAS payments

New research from Cornwall Insight finds grid-scale solar farms are paying 10-20% of the cost of providing frequency ancillary services to the National Electricity Market, despite currently generating around 3% of energy in the system.


Engie renewable PPA starts greening Australia’s mining-industry supply chain

Weir Minerals Australia, a supplier of engineered solutions to the mining industry, has achieved electricity price stability and savings, and taken a first big leap towards sustainability with the signing of an innovative power purchase agreement with energy provider Engie.

Under the hood at Tritium, with CEO Jane Hunter

Since the launch of its first DC fast charger in 2014 Australian company Tritium has become a leading global supplier of EV refuelling infrastructure, with installations in more than 29 countries, a growing range of user-friendly small-footprint units and around 15% of the global market for 50kW fast chargers alone. Jane Hunter is proud to lead this poster child for Australia’s new advanced-manufacturing-led prosperity.


Advanced digital prospecting and selling tools for rooftop PV

Rooftop PV is a potent force in the race to rein in global warming. Read how a phenomenally successful Australian-developed aerial mapping technology is being deployed to speed PV uptake here and in the United States.


ARENA-backed Origin Energy trial to demonstrate the value stack of EVs

In the absence of a national carbon-emissions target and a long-awaited EV policy, Origin and the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (on behalf of the Australian Government) are forging ahead with research that will show how coordinated smart-charging of an eventual surge of EV battery storage will benefit consumers and the grid.


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