Long read: Gridlock grips Australia’s PV developers

From the September edition of pv magazine Australia’s large-scale solar boom faces serious constraints in the form of a long and skinny electricity network – making some ideal sites unattractive to project developers. Legacy regulations and a lack of transparency have also caused last-minute roadblocks and costly delays for developers. How did transmission capacity and […]

Jolted: AEMO radically curtails output of five large solar farms

In reaction to voltage fluctuations in the Victorian and NSW 220 kV network, AEMO on Friday constrained the output of a number of large-scale solar generators by 50%.


The NEM’s digital twin and the imperatives for new market signals

At a CEDA event exploring ‘Opportunities in the Future Energy Market’, AEMO’s Audrey Zibelman and a lineup of energy thought leaders highlighted the need to value firming services in the new asynchronous energy market, and heralded real-time visualisation of grid and asset performance in the form of digital replicas of the NEM and WEM.

How to get to 50% solar panel conversion efficiency? Sunovate celebrates its first demo project

Solar panel developers have long recognised the detrimental effects heat has on cell performance — an ironic sunny side effect. Australian company Sunovate has designed a cooling system that boosts energy output, and harnesses all that hot air.


Sunshine Coast university switches on a cool new solar-powered thermal battery

Universities from South Australia to Queensland are embedding renewable-energy technology in their operations and teaching. Last week, the University of the Sunshine Coast in collaboration with Veolia introduced a cold-water tank — effectively a 7 MW battery — to the range of innovative options for reducing electricity costs and the carbon footprint of large, energy-hungry institutions.

Debrief: The big-PV outlook for Australia and Vietnam after recent solar rushes

Despite what Rystad Energy analysts describe as “a few teething issues” caused by the rapid uptake of solar PV, and renewables in general, in Australia and Vietnam, the flow of proposed utility-scale solar projects in both countries looks set to continue over the coming few years.


Every panel for itself! How to make a solar farm yield 20-25% more power

CQSola, the startup company of Australian energy innovators Ian and Tony Schirmer, will soon begin manufacturing a DC optimiser that promises to solve many of the inherent problems of solar farming, increase energy output, and drive greater insights into large-scale solar energy production.


John Laing puts new investment in Australian renewables projects on hold

John Laing Group has reported losses in Australia of some $121 million — said to be due to transmission factors on three of its renewable-energy projects — leading the company to write down the value of those projects and suspend new investment in Australian renewable generation.


With AEMO consultations and amendments complete — let ISP 2019-20 begin!

The conclusion of AEMO’s 2019 planning and forecasting consultation brings revised approaches to the 2019-20 Integrated System Plan: three new renewable energy zones reflect resource and generator interest; the forecasting of distributed energy resources has been reframed; and a fifth and critical planning scenario has emerged. 


Australia’s SO2 pollution shows coal is by far the most costly generator of electricity 

NASA satellite data illustrates that Australian governments are sanctioning pollution from coal-fired power stations that stains Australia with some of the world’s biggest hotspots for toxic emissions. The health burden, calculated in the tens of billions of dollars, should make the cost of coal unacceptable.


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