AGL grows massive battery storage in the shadow of retiring fossil-fuelled power stations

AGL, one of Australia’s biggest polluters, is working towards net-zero emissions by 2050 and new relevance in a renewable-energy-powered world. Think big batteries to replace the spinning reserve of some coal and gas generators, and digital management of its customers’ distributed rooftop resources.


NSW orchestrates 12 GW of renewables and 2 GW of pumped hydro by 2030

A steady progression of targets, plans and policy adjustments come together in the ‘NSW Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap’ as the Berejiklian Government strives to get ahead of the retirement of coal-fired generators — and fire up the state economy!


A battery of technology providers invited to tender for 30 MW NT BESS

The Northern Territory is advancing projects that will help it achieve 50% penetration of renewables into its energy supply by 2030. First up, the procurement of a 30 MW battery to boost reliability of the Darwin-Katherine grid.


Beryl and Manildra Solar Farms up for sale as investor exits Oz

New Energy Solar is an investment fund focused on helping investors benefit from a global shift to renewable energy. It’s selling its Australian solar assets because the climate isn’t right?

Weekend read: Down in the weeds of Australia’s distribution networks

Australian electricity wires are awash with sunshine, such that network operators have threatened to up the drawbridge on further rooftop connections, while limiting rooftop PV exports to the grid. But data streams hold the key to unlocking surprising existing capacity, stabilising voltage, and living the Aussie dream.

SA Government contracts for energy to advance Cultana Solar Farm and Playford Utility Battery

Construction of South Australia’s biggest solar farm, and the state’s fifth “big” battery will provide 810 jobs and a $41 million boost to the economy around Whyalla. The Marshall Government buys in and forecasts a $12.8 million saving on its energy expenditure over the term of its 10-year energy contract.


400,000 applications for STCs in 2020 — how the CER makes sense of a cornucopia of data

The Clean Energy Regulator is both watchdog — assessing applications for Small-scale Technology Certificates, Large-scale Generation Certificates and Emissions Reduction Fund credits — and oracle, weaving data to provide an overview of Australia’s energy supply and demand and the performance of renewable resources. A recent transformation of its digital capabilities benefits consumers and the renewable energy industry.


Solar future twice as bright in SA as the state bids to become an H2 export hub

South Australia has done some hard yards in pursuing the transition to green energy, integrating 50% renewable generation into its grid, and advancing the management of a vast fleet of distributed rooftop energy resources. Now it’s seeking investors to continue the renewable buildout beyond its own requirements and potentially fuel the world with green hydrogen.


On the way to a new gas-led recovery: Hydrogen Park South Australia signs first commercial offtaker

BOC will compress green hydrogen produced at newer than new HyP SA, which taps the state’s currently over-abundant solar generation, and deliver it to industrial customers in South Australia and Western Australia. The arrangement is expected to seed a foundation market for the carbon-free product and demonstrate its viability.


CEP.Energy’s $1 billion C&I rooftop rollout

Never heard of CEP.Energy? The new green energy fund is set to become a renewable powerhouse, installing gigawatts of solar, plus batteries big and small across industrial estates and retail centres around the NEM. Institutional investors are making this virtual-power-plant vision a reality.

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