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Where rooftop solar meets the most money-saving energy plan — it’s personal

It’s not just big companies that are benefiting from digitisation and data analytics. Today sees the rollout of a new optimising algorithmic marvel that easily shows solar PV owners which of a myriad of constantly changing retail energy plans will save them the most on their electricity bill. No need to die wondering!


ALPA seeks to harness the renewable gold rush for Australia’s regional communities

Debate on independent MP Dr Helen Haines’ Australian Local Power Agency Bill 2021, which seeks to anchor the benefits of renewables projects in their hosting regions, will be informed by Friday’s parliamentary committee hearing of submissions on the proposed legislation. A number of valid discussion points have been raised.


How Australia could save almost $7 billion on its energy transition

The risks posed to renewable-energy projects by Australia’s uncertain climate change policies and hamstrung regulators, have become a concerning brake on investment. Adjusting settings to reduce those risks would revitalise investor sentiment and vastly reduce the cost of implementing the country’s switch to renewables, says the Clean Energy Investor Group.

Solar-accelerated carbon-dioxide splitting to recycle a deadly greenhouse gas

Carbon never goes away, says Associate Professor Tianyi Ma, but if industrial carbon-dioxide emissions can be cleanly, renewable catalysed into chemicals and fuels that we need, we can reduce the overall GHG burden on the earth’s atmosphere.


New net-zero-pursuing investors change Australia’s renewable-energy development game

Imperatives meet opportunity. Corporate and utility goals for sustainability are driving a new group of investors to pick up the Australian renewable-energy resource and run with it. A new PwC report outlines how the new investor-developer partnerships could work.


Climate change and PV, part of a new science curriculum for Years 3 to 10

Younger students have been denied an understanding of fundamental physics that would inform their understanding of today’s most pressing scientific problems and how to solve them. A group of scientists has reimagined the classroom as an engaging, enabling hub of investigation and discussion.

SA Greens seek to reinstate a publicly owned electricity system — based on renewables

The South Australian Greens Party has proposed a tax-and-spend plan for the state that goes against everything the Federal Government advocates, in favour of massive funding of essential services and reducing carbon emissions in the process.

ARC Future Fellowships rocket boost the cheap, light, solar-for-space race

Alan Tudge, Australia’s Minister for Education and Youth, last week announced new grant outcomes under the ARC Future Fellowships scheme. Recipient Professor Anita Ho-Baillie will directly apply her work on perovskite durability and resilience to more cost effectively powering the world’s space endeavours.


South Australia’s constrained renewables to be unleashed as four new syncons spin into action

South Australia is a global hero for its demonstration of a rapid transition to renewable generation. But as renewables supplied more than 60% of the state’s electricity, and pushed out coal and even gas-fired generation, cracks appeared in the system strength and inertia required to keep the grid reliably running. ElectraNet has deployed old, clean-running technology — synchronous condensers — to smooth the gaps.

Derby’s day launches a solar-powered future

PV electricity generation is a natural choice for Australia’s remote Kimberley region. State-owned energy provider Horizon Power has deployed WA Recovery Plan funds to make the most of the interplay between sun and shade and put clean energy behind the Derby community’s aspirations.


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