A solar fresh-food logo for Woolworths Orange

Will it start a new trend for logo-shaped solar arrays? Probably not, but the new installation on a supermarket in regional New South Wales lowers emissions and raises a smile in challenging times.

Meet the conductor tuning orchestras of rooftop resources

Andrew Mears, Founder and CEO of software company SwitchDin says rooftop solar is set to realise its full stack of value, for consumers, electricity retailers, network providers and the grid operator.

Manufacturing hydrogen-powered vehicles to supercharge Port Kembla

A high-powered new company has based itself on the NSW south coast with the twin-turbo intentions of driving hydrogen adoption in heavy vehicles and the passenger market, while putting the wheels back on Australia’s decimated automobile-manufacturing industry.


Australian solar startup wins Honnold Foundation support to seed solar in the South Pacific

UNSW solar scientist Matt Edwards is passionate about making solar accessible and using it to displace reliance on diesel in our region. As CEO of startup BlueVolt, he’s “pretty stoked” that his Savo Solar Initiative has won the support of an international foundation, famous for seeding solar projects all over the world.

Fluence proposes 250 MW BESS case scenario to VNI West RIT-T

Who says that upgrade of energy transmission need march across the landscape as massive metal towers strung with buzzing electricity lines? One battery energy storage system provider is offering an alternative vision — fast deployment, scaleability and flexible application of assets that can’t be stranded…


A solar giant invests in Australian DER know-how

As utilities, networks and governments get their distributed-resource ducks in a row, the time is ripe for VPPs and microgrids to play a more powerful role in Australia’s energy system. The latest? SwitchDin, a DER innovator with globally acknowledged capabilities has attracted investment from Q Cells a PV manufacturer with chops and channels.

Solar forecasting evolves

Accurate self-forecasting of yield from renewable energy generators is set to help AEMO manage incoming resources. PVMaster, brings a unique experience to the field of foreseeing the next five minutes in solar production.


MagniX electric aircraft engines take to the skies

No emissions, low-cost regional flights with just eight other sanitised folk and a disinfected pilot… Yes, Covid-19 is warping our view of the future, but the successful electrically powered maiden flight last week of a Cessna Caravan aircraft, offers the potential for new models of travel supporting wider distribution of commerce in Australia.


Extreme weather and electricity reliability: Resilience is key

New research by digital services company, Accenture, finds global energy-utility executives feeling underprepared for the increasing frequency of extreme weather events caused by climate change. It’s time to expand the definition of reliability.


Major consortium initiates big hydrogen cell: first stop, Australia’s buses

A global consortium of technology providers, transport and infrastructure experts has joined forces to show the Australian public the feasibility and utility of hydrogen fuel cells to cleanly power public transport.


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