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How to retrieve 36% in power losses at the solar-to-electrolysis end of hydrogen production

An Australian innovation, the unassuming-looking CQSola power controller has under-the-hood smarts that could significantly cut the cost of hydrogen produced using solar energy.


Solar-decked Federally controlled airports could jet propel energy transition

Have we stopped using terms such as leadership, and decarbonisation goals in relation to the Australian Federal Government? A new RMIT study rattles the cage of the cowardly Canberran cabal.


The sum of the Leaders Summit on Climate

Let’s not give Australia’s Prime Minister any more space on the topic of climate change. Scott who? Fatih Birol, Executive Director of the International Energy Agency encapsulated the Summit and where we’re at coolly, concisely and cogently.

New ACT big battery to pull off hydrogen, solar and VPP storage trifecta!

Elvin Group Renewables has constructed a 5 MWh Tesla Megapack to help ensure stability of energy supply in Canberra’s new northern suburbs and the wider grid. Its plans to proliferate the model are audacious.


UNSW’s Prof Martin Green ups PV yield by cooling solar modules

In efforts to improve PV performance by helping modules keep their cool, the Martin Green team is going for 10 degrees lower operating temperatures. Cherry-picking the most practical approaches could deliver 50% extended project life.


The manufacturing multiplier of BZE’s Renewable Energy Industrial Precincts

Business synergies, employment opportunities, leadership in decarbonising world markets. BZE has the ear of the Prime Minister, and research to inspire a statement of intent for renewable-energy-powered, competitive Australian manufacturing.

Hunter Valley coal void moves closer to filling with pumped hydro

AGL is transforming its operations in a number of ways, from restructuring the company itself, to building energy storage facilities for flexible distribution of renewable energy into the future.


Solar-battery system saves lives securing power for Marine Rescue Narooma 

In stormy weather or transmission-melting days, a Marine Rescue operation can’t be left powerless. A solar system keeps the lights on and communications clear.

SA’s $1.08 billion deal with the Feds to produce more gas!

Australia’s most renewable state has signed a joint funding deal with the Commonwealth Government that hypes gas production, and downplays its considerable renewable-energy benefits.


JinkoSolar 2020 results reveal a resilient supply of Tier 1 solar modules

Pandemic uncertainties have concentrated key solar players and “heightened competition for ‘survival of the fittest'”, says JinkoSolar Chairman and CEO Xiande Li. The company’s latest figures show it is well placed in Australia and in the global arena.


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