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Weekend read: Software to serve up more solar

Enabling future energy flows at the lower-voltage distribution level? Unlikely. Wide-scale hardware upgrades would cost billions if not trillions, especially in Australia’s far reaches. Software and digital solutions are identifying new cost-effective ways of letting more sun into the grid.


Weekend read: Flowing into the lithium supply gap

Australian-born vanadium redox flow technology and new homegrown electrolyte sources are set to bulk up renewable energy storage options in the Pacific region and plug the gap left by lithium supply-chain issues. Natalie Filatoff reports from Sydney.


Saturday read: New tools for fossil fuels

Long thought of as adversaries to renewable energy, fossil fuel assets and infrastructure also present opportunities for solar, its green-hydrogen output, and smart energy storage. Natalie Filatoff reports on the opportunities and approaches the miners are taking.

Investability of Australian large-scale renewables remains low

COP flack for Australia’s insubstantial and unstructured response to decarbonisation has not made the country more attractive to investors. Has our first-mover status cruelled our investability, and what could the next Federal Government do to revive investor confidence?


When EVs can’t get a purchase …

Car subscription services are not considered in government EV policies at either a state or federal level in Australia, yet studies show they are growing as a preferred way to access a good, clean drive.

Not a total COP out … except for Australia

Opinions are rife and varied in the wake of the COP26 UN Climate Change Conference. What can we take away from discussions in which the Australian Government positioned itself as a climate pariah?


Distribution networks set to shrink: standalone solar hybrid systems are safer, more reliable

Western Australia leads the world in successfully implementing renewables-based energy generation for far-flung customers. Unique joint venture and pioneer in the field, Boundary Power, has been widely recognised for its innovations and is ready to repeat its SAPS successes across Australia and the Asia-Pacific.


Saturday read: Cloud looms over PV’s silver lining

Should heterojunction solar technologies be temporarily shelved? Could copper plating replace screen-printed silver conductive surfaces in cells? Why are tandem cells a likely successor to PERC? Brett Hallam recently sat down with Natalie Filatoff in Sydney to explain the findings of a new study by the University of New South Wales (UNSW) that sought to answer these controversial questions.


CEFC millions help pave the clean-hydrogen road to a green-zinc supply chain

It all started with Sun Metals 124 MWac solar farm. Once at risk of having its exports curtailed to zero, its owners have now been funded by three Australian government agencies to seed demand for North Queensland’s green hydrogen.

COP26 this! A fast, simple, Australia-tested solution to climate change

EleXsys Energy’s technology enables the controlled flow of excess energy from distributed rooftop-solar generators — think large C&I organisations and microgrid-united regional townships— to help stabilise global grids as they increasingly transition to renewables. The world could feel the positives of mass transition to solar within five years.

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