Where there’s smoke, there’s reduced PV output

It’s a minor concern compared to the tragic loss of life, livelihoods and biodiversity caused by the bushfires still ravaging parts of Australia, but reduced output by PV systems due to smoke haze is an unwelcome bi-product of blazes that have burned at a scale and ferocity never seen before.


Arup report on photovoltaics and the circular economy

As the world strives to arrest the climate crisis and increases its investment in solar energy, the industry must address its own sustainability. A new report produced by Arup in Australia looks at how to apply principles of the circular economy to current and future PV waste management.


New Year, new robotic broom for Australian solar farms

Cleaning contractors, EPCs and O&M firms are the prospective customers of SolarCleano, a robotic solar-panel cleaner designed and developed in Luxembourg and kicking up a storm of dust and debris worldwide.


Tritium accounts for substantial losses in 2019

The Australian EV passenger fleet may be just a twinkle in the eye of green futurists, but Brisbane-based Tritium, a leader in fast-charging technology, is also rolling out its R&D, manufacturing and enabling infrastructure across more advanced markets in Europe and the US. After posting a more than $47 million loss in 2019, CEO, David Finn talks about Tritium’s outlook for 2020 and beyond.

A Green New Deal for Australia

This cataclysmic bushfire season demonstrates the risk that climate change poses to Australia’s economic and social prosperity. Stanford’s international roadmap to freedom from fossil fuels by 2050 says Australia needs another 280 GW of solar PV and tens of billions of dollars of investment to turn down the heat.


Greenpeace to launch a campaign for 80 big brands to go 100% renewable

“With bushfires raging across the country, AGM season in full swing and increasing pressure on big business to clean up their act in the light of the climate crisis,” Greenpeace says the moment is right to encourage corporate commitment to 100% renewables.

New IPA report highlights the importance of an EV road tax

With the number of electric vehicles on Australian roads probably just scraping 6,000, Infrastructure Partners Australia says now is the perfect time to apply a road-use charge to EVs, to ensure all drivers are pulling their weight and the quality of Australian roads can be maintained.


Angus Taylor short-circuits dissent and narrows the scope on COAG debate

NSW Energy and Environment Minister Matt Kean stands as an example of what you can gain by playing nice with the Feds, and the country’s electricity reliability standard becomes the focus of national next steps in Australia’s energy transition…

Part 4: NSW between a lump of coal and a hard place

There’s no shortage of action in the New South Wales renewable-energy scene, with some 19.4 GW of large-scale renewable energy projects approved or progressing through the planning system, and around 2.5 GW of grid-scale solar under construction. Plus there’s 2 GW of generation and 175 hours of storage planned for the pumped-hydro project known as Snowy 2.0 – and that’s just what’s happening at the big end of town.

Part 3: Big solar deployment outshines Queensland coal story

In late 2016, Queensland’s Labor Government revealed a plan for 50% of the State’s electricity to be renewably sourced by 2030, and the state has made significant steps toward that goal.


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