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Thrashing out public and industry submissions to the AEMC rule change

Have you heard about the proposed “solar tax”? Haha! But seriously, there’s more to it than meets the eye. A multitude of perspectives and considerations are brought to light in the submissions made to the AEMC. We take a shallow dive … and recommend total immersion.

A DNSP perspective on the contentious AEMC rule change and the spectre of a “solar tax”

There’s nothing simple about the Australian electricity system in transition. The constantly shifting landscape requires continuous regulatory adjustment to old coal-fired settings. That, too is fraught. One network services provider gives their perspective on the rule change currently under consideration.

Morrison blowing in the wind, sheltering in hydrogen ambitions at the G7 Summit in Cornwall

Alliances with Germany and Japan to develop and commercialise emissions-reducing technologies would be a coup for Australia, if there were any concerted efforts at home to reduce emissions in line with international initiatives, and transition Australian industries to be competitive in a carbon-pricing world.

Tracking the transition: the ‘forgotten’ emissions undoing the work of Australia’s renewable energy boom

Climate and energy specialists at the Australian National University have published a working paper on the data that will create a set of indicators to quantify the progress of Australia’s energy system transition. Initial findings show that despite renewables-driven strides in electricity supply, reductions in emissions have come from elsewhere, and the transport, industry and buildings sectors are dragging the country backwards.

Helping companies take a smart path to net zero, and reliably account for their impacts

It’s one thing to set a target for net zero, another to chart a course that will get you there in competitive form. Services are emerging to bridge the gap.

Lion Energy sniffs green hydrogen potential and pads over to Queensland

Two significant Australian-based industrial corporations, which impact global transport and building sectors, have signed an MOU to explore green hydrogen opportunities in Queensland.

A new UNSW review of research invites a rethink of silicon heterojunction solar cell manufacture

A review of existing research on any particular topic “should provide some novel insights”, says UNSW solar researcher Dr Matthew Wright. UNSW’s new paper shows defect engineering of SHJ solar cells has come a long way, but what if these proven efficiency gains could be better applied?


Batteries boom as investment in large-scale renewables slumps to a 5-year low

New data released by the CEC and confirmed by industry experience, shows investors have become shy of committing to large-scale renewable projects in Australia, where government intervention has created uncertainty, and grid risk is virtually impossible to quantify — even with a prized connection agreement in hand.


New commercial e-vans hook up with Evie Networks charging for low-cost, low-carbon delivery services

E-commerce has gone through the roof since Covid-19 emerged, adding carbon kilometres to every purchase. A partnership between Trevor St Baker’s interests and TrueGreen Mobility is targeting the light-commercial vehicle class for an electric take over.

Critical energy transition infrastructure gets the regulatory green light!

TransGrid and ElectraNet have shovels at the ready to begin work on the long-planned and hard-won Project EnergyConnect, which will link three Australian states with much needed capacity for transmission of renewable energy.


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