Self-forecasting of renewable generation to improve solar farm economics

ARENA’s round of funding for renewable-energy forecasting technologies, initiated in early 2018, is coming to fruition, with wide-ranging benefits for solar farm earnings and the stability of a low- to no-carbon NEM. 

90% increased biomass under solar panels: Agrivoltaics hold productive promise

With sun the common component of solar energy production and agriculture, a new company in northern NSW is set to combine the benefits of sowing PV and forage crops in the same soil.

Off-grid PV-based power systems more reliable than poles and wires for rural WA

Western Australia’s regional and remote energy provider, Horizon Power, is toppling traditional energy infrastructure in favour of solar-plus-battery systems with backup diesel generation. Farmers list surprising reasons why they’re thrilled to disconnect…


Solar PV cuts the mustard for meat-processing facilities

Industry sectors are mobilising toward sustainability, with different supply-chain partners inspiring one another to take part. Andrews Meat Industries in Lidcombe, NSW, has announced deployment of 836 kW of rooftop solar power to reduce both electricity costs and its carbon footprint.

2GW of storage projects to benefit from NSW Emerging Energy Program

Pumped hydro and battery-storage projects took the lion’s share of feasibility-study grants today awarded under the NSW Emerging Energy Program. Alongside VPP proposals, they feature also in the shortlist of 21 projects now in the running for capital funding.

Macquarie to invest in 20 GW pipeline of renewables, plus, plus …

With hundreds of millions of dollars in assets and funds under management Macquarie Group is seeking to amplify its considerable influence, bringing investment and reporting to bear on accelerating climate mitigation and adaptation.

CEFC helps Australian farmers tap clean energy to reduce costs and emissions

Agribusinesses now have access to a practical guide for reducing energy use and implementing cost-saving solar, biomass, wind and energy-storage technologies on the farm.


Transmission transition: why some poles and wires can go into storage!

Australia’s unwieldy and slow-to-adapt transmission network is one of the greatest roadblocks to continued development of renewable energy projects. Strategically deployed storage on transmission lines offers a flexible alternative to the upgrade and major build of new lines, says a new industry white paper.


Long read: Gridlock grips Australia’s PV developers

From the September edition of pv magazine Australia’s large-scale solar boom faces serious constraints in the form of a long and skinny electricity network – making some ideal sites unattractive to project developers. Legacy regulations and a lack of transparency have also caused last-minute roadblocks and costly delays for developers. How did transmission capacity and […]

Jolted: AEMO radically curtails output of five large solar farms

In reaction to voltage fluctuations in the Victorian and NSW 220 kV network, AEMO on Friday constrained the output of a number of large-scale solar generators by 50%.


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