Policy, policy, policy: BNEF beats a path to hydrogen uptake

A hot energy topic with little coordinated analysis, green hydrogen has attracted the nous and number crunching of BloombergNEF. And what numbers! The investment! The required renewable capacity! The potential for emissions reduction! 

Eureka moment for Kidston Pumped Storage Hydro Project

Since 2015, Kidston Clean Energy Hub has inspired renewable developers with the potential for hybrid projects. Its envisaged re-use of old gold mining pits for pumped-hydro storage that would concentrate the benefits of colocated solar and wind resources hit a snag in 2019, but today Genex Power executives are celebrating a milestone deal that will enable more than their own ambitions…

Young, invested and digitally savvy — AYCC trains a youth army for climate justice

The Australian Youth Climate Coalition intends to utilise the fact that many of its constituents are at home and online due to COVID-19, and train young climate-concerned Australians to effectively organise against the influence of the fossil-fuel lobby.


COAG Energy Council in the time of Coronavirus

“This has been one of the most challenging summers on record …” begins the communique from Friday’s meeting of the COAG Energy Council. The Coronavirus could achieve what drought and bushfires failed to bring about — a coordinated governmental and industry response to ensuring that our energy system — irrevocably in transition towards renewables — becomes more secure, reliable and fit for purpose along the way.

Brigalow turn-on: 35 MW solar farm beats the odds

A legend of rock music and persistence, Brigalow Solar Farm has begun exporting energy to the grid in Queensland’s Darling Downs.

Longi joins LEGO, Lloyds of London, Logitech … on RE100

Powering production of solar and wind infrastructure — panels, trackers, turbines, inverters — seems a gap just waiting to be filled in the clean-energy supply chain. Longi, the Chinese mega-manufacturer of solar wafers, cells and panels, has just joined RE100, a steadily growing list of companies committed to powering their operations with 100% renewable energy.


NSW Government upscales solar PV deployment and drives EVs towards 2030

NSW has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 18% from 2005 levels, but mitigation has stabilised. This weekend, NSW Energy and Environment Minister Matthew Kean released the state plan for accelerating emissions reduction to 35% by 2030. It seeks to bring existing and new initiatives; Commonwealth and State funding; the Federal focus on technology and the undeniable benefits of solar and wind generation under a single umbrella.

$68.5 million in Federal funding awarded to clean-energy research cooperative 

A consortium of partners led by the University of Technology Sydney has been successful in its bid for funding of a Cooperative Research Centre dedicated to enhancing energy consumers’ access to and efficient deployment of distributed renewable resources — primarily rooftop PV.


Government funding for Energy Transition Hub redirected …

The Federal Government Government on Friday told participants in the research engine, known as the Energy Transition Hub, that funding of the five-year initiative had been curtailed.


Solar know-how pours into one easy-to-use app for rooftop PV installers

Perhaps an app could streamline the workload of roof-top PV installers and accelerate the renewable energy transition … “Snap!” said a number of industry like-thinkers who are partnering with the founders of a powerful new digital tool to help the worldwide roof-top sector scale.


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