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Standalone power systems could confer up to $1.5 billion in saved network costs and community resilience to disaster

Edge-of-grid communities are under increasing threat of debilitating power outages due to disasters driven by climate change. A new report quantifies the benefits of transitioning some 244 communities to microgrids or individual power systems.

Australian world-first domestic hydrogen battery signs an iconic investor

The LAVO 40 kWh battery incorporates an electrolyser, groundbreaking UNSW materials science, and Australian fuel-cell technology, in a slick unit that will be market ready in June this year. Gowing Bros last week became an equity investor and LAVO’s first major customer.


Queensland develops 100% solar + battery neighbourhoods

Housing developers around Australia are catching on to the allure of incorporating solar in buildings from the get go. This weekend the Queensland Government announced plans for two new state-sponsored solar-powered residential developments to light the way for more private companies to install rooftop PV and batteries as a matter of course.

SA Water is pumping with the power of the sun

Nicola Murphy, SA Water’s Senior Manager, Zero Cost Energy Futures has the sunniest disposition as she works steadily to ensure the substantial energy needs of the state’s vital water utility are solar powered from source to faucet.

The solar allure of WA’s new-model business park

Peel Renewable Energy is about to energise its 1.2 MW solar farm, which forms the heart of a fresh, phased microgrid approach to industrial-estate development. That is, grid infrastructure remains small, while the renewably powered microgrid grows to meet the needs of incoming businesses.


Trina Solar scoops recognition for environmental standards

Technical innovation and solar module production at scale bring with them the opportunity to integrate environmental responsibility. One major manufacturer is reaping returns on its investment.

510,000+ Victorian homes now saving with solar

After a rocky start the Victorian Labor Government’s ambitious Solar Homes program gets the rebate recipe right and celebrates a major milestone in the push to have 50% renewable energy in its grid by 2030.

The secrets to inverter success in Australia’s utility solar sector

SMA Australia had a bumper year in 2020, despite increasing competition and Covid-19, and partly because of the West Murray crisis. What’s next?

NSW coal country gets a big grid-balancing battery

Newcastle Council operations may already be 100% powered by renewables, but the Hunter Region’s first mega storage asset, boasting 28 MW capacity, will support the entire region’s expanding green energy ambitions.


Cleantech Solar a big wheel in Asia’s C&I rooftop PV scene

The latest in Cleantech Solar’s 500+ MW portfolio of solar projects rolling out on manufacturing-facility rooftops across Asia is a major Indonesian tyre producer set to green the supply chain for future vehicles.

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