Interest grows in going with the vanadium flow

The choice of battery storage technologies in support of solar energy supply is broadening to suit a variety of emerging applications. VSUN has just made its first power play for vanadium-redox-flow batteries in the off-grid residential market.


Green Zinc! Sun Metals joins RE100

For a company that has its own big sunny solar farm and is developing a companion green-hydrogen production plant, the next step must be to formalise its commitment to go 100% renewable.

What’s NUW in energy? An alliance of three NSW universities concentrates clean-energy expertise

Recognising that the major problems facing the world can’t be solved by any one organisation, three New South Wales universities at the peak of renewable-energy research have rewritten the rules of collaboration to influence policymakers and accelerate solutions to market.

How to throw EV uptake into reverse!

Some Australian states are choosing this moment to ensure that electric vehicle drivers are paying their fair share of funds needed to maintain road infrastructure — given that they don’t contribute via fuel excise. The moves are expected to throw a spanner in the works of drivers deciding in favour of zero-emissions motoring.


Sunny side up? Australia’s egg industry gets a solar boost

Egg production is an extremely efficient industry, thanks to the chicken, but electricity consumption remains a hurdle to industry sustainability. The Australian Eggs new Solar Calculator cracks the code on optimal system size, savings and CO2 abatement for small-to-medium-sized egg farms.

AGL grows massive battery storage in the shadow of retiring fossil-fuelled power stations

AGL, one of Australia’s biggest polluters, is working towards net-zero emissions by 2050 and new relevance in a renewable-energy-powered world. Think big batteries to replace the spinning reserve of some coal and gas generators, and digital management of its customers’ distributed rooftop resources.


NSW orchestrates 12 GW of renewables and 2 GW of pumped hydro by 2030

A steady progression of targets, plans and policy adjustments come together in the ‘NSW Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap’ as the Berejiklian Government strives to get ahead of the retirement of coal-fired generators — and fire up the state economy!


A battery of technology providers invited to tender for 30 MW NT BESS

The Northern Territory is advancing projects that will help it achieve 50% penetration of renewables into its energy supply by 2030. First up, the procurement of a 30 MW battery to boost reliability of the Darwin-Katherine grid.


Beryl and Manildra Solar Farms up for sale as investor exits Oz

New Energy Solar is an investment fund focused on helping investors benefit from a global shift to renewable energy. It’s selling its Australian solar assets because the climate isn’t right?

Weekend read: Down in the weeds of Australia’s distribution networks

Australian electricity wires are awash with sunshine, such that network operators have threatened to up the drawbridge on further rooftop connections, while limiting rooftop PV exports to the grid. But data streams hold the key to unlocking surprising existing capacity, stabilising voltage, and living the Aussie dream.