Western Power launches 100MW Industry Challenge

Western Australia is pioneering new strategies to manage its burgeoning rooftop-top solar resource. Next stop on its DER Roadmap? Engaging commercial and industrial energy users/producers in rewarding strategies for balancing generation and demand.

Australia’s metal gurus engineer two energy-storage breakthroughs

Energy storage is in high demand, to help manage a growing proportion of renewable energy in global electricity grids, to free off-grid communities from the tyranny of diesel, and to enable the aspirations of people not yet connected to a power supply. These two promising technologies have reached important milestones…


Wind, solar and transmission: triple rollout begins in NW Tasmania

The Commonwealth Government has OK’d the first phase of 600-1000 MW worth of developments that will feed into Tasmania’s 200% renewables by 2040 target; as well as the Marinus Link project; and the state’s ambitions to attract high-energy industries to its shores.

Hydrogen vehicles: Elvin Group to crack the chicken-and-egg scenario

Why did the chicken cross the road? It wanted to get to an electrolyser and close the loop on a persistent dilemma: what comes first — a critical mass of hydrogen-fuel-cell vehicles, or the infrastructure of hydrogen production and refuelling opportunities that will see those vehicles confidently hit the tar?

China the world’s electric-bus conductor

A new report from IDTechEx shows Australian cities to be on the money and with the citizen-care zeitgeist in transitioning city bus fleets to electric. Despite a slow start to quiet, zero tail-pipe emissions public transport, Australian bus manufacturers are set to take advantage of chassis and battery tech developed in China.

Legislative fix provides a little array of regional sunshine

The best laid plans can go awry, as a recent well-intended amendment to laws governing small-scale solar installations in NSW demonstrated. Action by the NSW Department of Planning Industry and Environment, spurred by a determined solar entrepreneur, have saved developers of ground-mounted solar a stack of time and money.

Battery No. 5 is alive! WA’s DER Roadmap unfolds

Seaside sunshine is a hallmark of the Western Australian regional city of Busselton. Now a number of residents will be able to access a community battery to better manage their solar generation for use during the starry nights.

Relaxed charging: EV range not such an issue

Tritium today provided some plain and simple stats on how electric-vehicle drivers around the world are using its fast-chargers. Get a glimpse of your future life, beyond an EV-policy-poor Australia, when cars don’t exhaust and finding a charging station is effortless.

Low-cost direct solar-to-hydrogen ambitions see the light

The road to cheap hydrogen production is riddled with potholes and energy losses. One Australian team of researchers has shown that rethinking solar technology and skipping electrolysers holds great promise for attaining the hydrogen grail.


Marinus in a blink

Prime Minister Scott Morrison today announced six of 15 projects to be fast-tracked for jobs creation, among them the Marinus Link interconnector between the Australian mainland and Tasmania, which promises to unlock renewable projects on either side of Bass Strait.

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