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Super Bowl to be hosted in first 100% renewable energy NFL stadium

The Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas sources 10 MW of off-site solar, as well as wind, geothermal and hydroelectric power, among other sustainability measures.


Tesla releases API for solar, Powerwall, EV charger

The company released an application programming interface to enable third-party developers to interact with Tesla home energy products.

Enphase unveils new three-phase inverters

Enphase has released 208 V three-phase inverters for the small commercial market. The advancing hardware comes with a specialised support team and tailored design tools.


Canadian Solar launches new grid-scale battery

Canadian Solar says its new SolBank 3.0 grid-scale battery supports up to 2.35 MW/5 MWh of grid-scale renewable energy storage and dispatch.

Solar LCOE now 29% lower than any fossil fuel option, says EY

A report from Ernst & Young shows that despite inflationary pressures, solar remains the cheapest source of new-build electricity. The global weighted average levelised cost of electricity for PV is now 29% lower than the cheapest fossil fuel alternative.

Hail damage accounts for about half of all solar facility loss claims, says GCube

GCube Insurance says that hail damage accounts for less than 2% of filed claims but constitutes more than 50% of total costs for solar facility loss claims.

Enphase introduces commercial-scale microinverter

Enphase’s new IQ8-3P solar microinverter offers peak power output of up to 480 W.

Watch: Robots install solar project in Arizona desert

In its first commercial project, United States-based solar technology company Terabase Energy has successfully installed 17 MW of a 225 MW solar facility with its automated Terafab platform.

ClearVue to add 82 kW of solar glass to greenhouse in California

ClearVue plans to install clear solar glass on a System USA greenhouse in California, adding 82 kW of power.

Storing renewables with landscaping gravel

Sandia National Laboratories and CSolPower have started researching the use of landscaping gravel as a thermal energy storage medium.