1KOMMA5 acquires danish solar company Viasol A/S


1KOMMA5, Europes fastest growing startup within clean energy, acquires Viasol A/S, Denmark’s leading solar company within the delivery of complete solar solutions with batteries. With this purchase, 1KOMMA5 obtains a prominent market position in Denmark, and introduces its intelligent Energy IoT solution, Heartbeat.

Heartbeat entails, as something entirely new, that private Danish consumers now have the opportunity to participate in the electricity market and receive additional economic benefit from their solar. Heartbeat is installed with a solar system, and can be connected to solar batteries, heat pumps and EV chargers. Heartbeat is directly connected to Nordpool allowing for an instantaneous analysis of the energy prices, while taking the weather forecast into account to forecast solar production.

This allows for Heartbeat to automatically control what will be done with available power from the solar system, solar battery and electrical grid – optimising for when the power is cheap and filled with solar- and wind energy. Heartbeat uses these variations in electricity price to the consumers benefit, variations which in the Danish market are very prevalent on a regular basis. This allows for households with heartbeat to reduce their total CO2 footprint, as well as minimise their electricity bill, without having to lift a finger.

“This acquisition of Viasol and the launch of Heartbeat in Denmark are pivotal moments for 1KOMMA5,” said Philipp Schröder, CEO of 1KOMMA5. “Together, we are decarbonising buildings, empowering customers to participate in the electricity market, and building a more sustainable future.”

“We are absolutely delighted to welcome yet another country into the global 1KOMMA5 portfolio, with the introduction of Viasol A/S, Denmark’s largest and leading solar installation company,” said Chris Williams CEO of 1KOMMA5 APAC and Natural Solar. “Our rapid expansion both organically and inorganically on a global scale is a key driver which sets us apart from our competitors. The ability to leverage our purchasing power along with our unwavering drive for innovation such as Heartbeat and the impending launch of the 1KOMMA5 panel in APAC, means the future is very bright.”

With the acquisition of Viasol and the launch of Heartbeat, 1KOMMA5 paves the way in the green energy industry, by introducing a new technological aspect that optimises already existing green products and initiatives. Thereby 1KOMM5 is furthering the understanding of what private consumers can benefit from investing in green energy and thereby contributing to the green transition. The integration of solar panels, solar batteries, heat pumps and EV chargers through one integrated solution – Heartbeat – gives consumers an extensive intelligent energy IoT solution for their household, furthering the effective usage of energy, savings on the electricity bill, and the minimisation of the consumers environmental impact.

“We are excited to become a part of 1KOMMA5 and introduce Heartbeat in Denmark” says Rasmus Christiansen, CEO of Viasol. “Together we can set the standard for how private consumers can actively participate in the electricity market, both by directly utilising cheap green energy from wind and solar, but also by helping the stabilisation of the electrical grid through stabilisation services providing revenue from these services.” He continues “We can now make up with old solar energy (#OldSolar) and introduce new intelligent solar energy (#NewSolar) with which our green energy sources will be utilised optimally. Together we will stand strong, and together we will revolutionise the way in which we consume energy to decarbonise buildings – making a real difference to the environment.”