Enosi’s Powertracer 2.0 platform goes live


The Powertracer platform enables users, whether as corporates, individuals or communities, to directly trace their energy supply to specific renewable energy facilities across the National Electricity Market. It also enables energy to be purchased at generator-specific prices at those times when there is matched supply and demand between the generator and that customer. 

Powertracer shows the prices applying to each energy source and can report, through an app, on the actual volumes of renewable energy used 24/7. Powertracer’s commercialisation is being supported by Energy Estate’s business incubator program EnergyGrowth.

Enosi first trialled its Powertracer Platform with Energy Locals, who have been utilising this innovative technology for its customer base in NSW since 2019. Since then, Simply Energy has signed up to the platform, signing-up Australia’s first innovative “staff energy scheme”, enabling staff to access energy from the solar panels on the roof of their employer’s facilities.

Enova is utilizing the platform to allow trading on its recently announced “community battery” project being developed in the Hunter Valley.

Other retailers are also looking to use the platform to algorithmically match specific solar and wind-farm half hourly generation with their customer’s staff and supply chain half hourly demand.

The Powertracer platform is the only solution available that enables them to do that, and the energy transfer is viewable on an app and settled directly through the normal retail bill.

Powertracer is also designed to enable C&I customers to use their purchasing power to make discounted renewable energy from an identified generator available to their staff, their customers, their members and their supply chains.” said Enosi CEO Steve Hoy.

The revolutionary Powertracer Platform is now up and running, signing up retailers and being used in a variety of innovative use-cases already. It responds directly to the increasing global demands for “traceable” renewable energy – validating energy produced in the same half hour as it is consumed, and from an identified, trusted renewable generator.” said Vincent Dwyer, principal at Energy Estate.

“It enables retailers to offer a whole range of new products to their C&I customers, changing the certification of renewable energy resource to the time of use, enabling different pricing for different generators and validating energy supply against individual projects that have a genuine social licence. It also facilitates report directly against the energy intensity of their staff and supply chains.”

The Powertracer platform is offered by Enosi as a “software as a service” to generators, retailers and those who might want to support their “energy communities”, and very simply integrated into a retailer’s billing platform.