Helping Victorian business cut energy bills


The Victorian government’s Large Energy User Electrification Support Program will provide up to $60,000 per site – or $66,000 for regional sites that use between 10-100 terajoules of gas per year to undertake a feasibility study to identify ways to cut gas usage by replacing old gas-powered equipment with efficient electric alternatives.

The survey will identify bespoke energy efficiency upgrades the business is eligible for through the Victorian Energy Upgrade (VEU), including discounts on hot water boilers, furnaces, ovens, dryers and similar appliances.

Business that upgrade to electric appliances have slashed thousands off their bills – the Ellinbank Dairy Research Farm installed a 26 kW heat pump which reduced their energy usage by 33% and slashed $5,000 off their bills, while Kardinia Aquatic Centre’s 400 kW heat pump is saving them around $200,000 a year.

Victorian Energy Minister Lily D’Ambrosio said “Industry uses about 30% of Victoria’s gas which is why it’s essential we support businesses to upgrade their facilities, future-proof their operations and reduce their operating costs.”

The VEU program is the largest energy efficiency upgrade program in Australia and through a $5.9 million investment the Victorian Budget 2024/25 it will continue help more Victorians electrify their homes and businesses, slash their power bills and reduce emissions.

Since 2009, the VEU program has helped more than 170,000 businesses and 2.4 million households upgrade their appliances and equipment and reduced Victoria’s emissions by more than 84 million tonnes and will remove a further 21 million tonnes by 2025 – equivalent to taking more than 6.5 million cars off the road for a year.

The Victorian Budget 2024/25 is also investing $5.9 million for a strategic review of the Victorian Energy Upgrades program – ensuring it will be a key driver for helping more Victorians electrify their homes and businesses.

Applications open on 13 May 2024 and will close on 30 September unless funds are exhausted first.