Improvements to Victorian Solar Homes Program


Demand is strong which means the current scheme design is leading to disappointment for consumers, and threatens to damage hundreds of Victorian solar companies.

It requires urgent reform.

The Smart Energy Council calls on the Victorian Government to lower the threshold for its Solar Homes program from $180,000 a year per household to $90,000 per year per household.

The program could also be expanded to include more solar batteries, targeted at priority locations, albeit at the existing household income threshold.

The Smart Energy Council was supportive of a new monthly quota system, intended to spread the rebates across a full year.

The Smart Energy Council supports the Victorian Solar Homes Program and will work with the Victorian Government to improve the rollout of the program to help Victorians slash their power bills and ensure a strong, sustainable and safe solar industry in Victoria.

Kind Regards,
John Grimes
Chief Executive, Smart Energy Council