Nectr switched on for 100 days


One hundred days since its official launch into Sydney’s Ausgrid network in New South Wales, the country’s newest energy retailer, Nectr reveals what it has learned about Aussies when it comes to buying energy.

Taking feedback from its customers and understanding what Australians, and particularly those in the Ausgrid network, are looking for in an energy provider, Nectr has discovered that consumers are:

  1. Looking for something easy
  2. Not afraid to switch
  3. Want to be heard when it comes to our energy needs
  4. Understand the need for a sustainable energy future

“Aussies understand there’s already a lot of confusion about where their energy comes from, how to get the best rate and how much they are using. So not surprisingly, our team has discovered that offering transparency and a clear, easy-to-understand outline of their energy usage and how to pay is really important,” said Hannah Heath, Chief Strategy Officer at Nectr.

“That’s why we’re investing in the latest technology to offer simple tools for our customers to manage their energy needs. Plus, our local team is also available to support customers as they make the transition across to Nectr.”

Nectr is committed to transparency in its operations, ensuring there are no hidden fees or charges, no credit card fees and no exit fees. Customers pay their energy bills monthly, so that they can better manage their finances around their ongoing connection.

Given the current challenging environment created by the Covid-19 pandemic, most Aussies are spending more time at home, questioning whether being loyal to their current energy provider is offering them any benefit.

As a result, increasing numbers of customers are looking for greater value from their energy retailer and aren’t afraid to switch.

“We pride ourselves on doing things differently. We offer a new way of allowing customers to take charge of their energy, and are here to help make the switch as easy as possible,” continued Heath.

Over the the past 100 days Nectr has observed particular interest in and and uptake of the Nectr Friends Green plan, which offers 100% green energy offset. To fulfil customers’ desire for clean electricity, Nectr purchases Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) and through Nectr’s parent company, Hanwha Energy Australia, directly invests in Australian solar, hydro and wind power assets.

“Socially aware Aussies are demanding smarter, greener power,” said Heath.

“We look forward to taking what we have learned and implementing ongoing improvements in the services and products we provide to ensure we can meet that demand,” she concluded.