Plenti charges ahead with the launch of its GreenConnect platform


Plenti said there were 389,000 solar installations in Australia in 2021, but fewer than 10% of these were coupled with a home battery installation, a level of penetration which is well short of what is required if Australia is to meet its storage requirements.

The Australian Energy Market Operator has called out the need for energy storage capacity, which includes home battery installation and Virtual Power Plant (VPP) participation, to increase by 30 times by 2050.

Plenti said consumers have told it they have been put off installing home batteries by the high upfront costs and the perceived complexity of orchestrating multiple system and service providers and joining a VPP, despite the cost savings that can be achieved.

A recent survey of more than 3,000 Plenti customers found that despite strong interest in acquiring solar battery systems, 25% of customers didn’t know where to go to purchase such a system, and only 29% understood the economic benefits to their household of connecting to a VPP.

GreenConnect aims to solve this issue by leveraging Plenti’s finance and technology capabilities to provide a one-stop-shop where, with the help of renewable energy equipment installers, Australians can access and sign-up for exclusive battery and solar system package deals, renewable-optimised energy plans, VPP schemes and can spread the cost of such systems over
a 10-year term using Plenti’s renewable energy finance. By combining all services into one platform, Plenti and the major industry participants who are participating on the platform, are making the purchase of a solar battery system simple and
easy to understand, whilst also improving the economic value provided to homeowners.

Plenti’s Head of Renewable Energy Louis Edwards said: “If we want to reduce household emissions and energy costs more rapidly than we’ve been achieving through solar alone, we need to see greater battery and VPP uptake.”

“GreenConnect transforms the process of adding a battery from one that is complex and costly to one that is simple, easy and more affordable.”

“By bringing together energy retailers and product manufactures, GreenConnect allows equipment installers the ability to offer consumers all-in-one energy solutions in one single location.”

Plenti’s GreenConnect launched via the company’s more than 650 nationally accredited supplier network, providing customers with unique offerings and bundles from key industry participants including AGL, sonnen, Qcells, Amber and Diamond Energy.

“We’ve been delighted at the response from the energy retailers and battery manufacturers who have already joined GreenConnect. We are excited to share their commitment to making the transition to renewable energy more affordable and easier for Australian households,” Edwards said.

Smart Energy Council CEO John Grimes added: “It’s very clear that the next step change is going to come from greater uptake of batteries and VPPs. We’re delighted to learn about Plenti’s GreenConnect platform. As an industry body advocating for accelerated battery and VPP uptake, it is pleasing to see an initiative that has brought together all major stakeholders, working towards a common goal.”