Risen Energy’s monocrystalline PERC cell achieves maximum efficiency exceeding 23%, accelerating PV grid parity


The enhancement in efficiency is the result of Risen Energy’s constant innovation. The highly efficient cast-mono 5BB cell uses a series of latest efficiency enhancement technologies including double-sided passivation, antireflective films, electro-injection passivation and slurry improvement. This is the first time that a cast-mono 5BB cell has successfully exceeded 22 percent in efficiency.

Compared with the 5BB cell, the MBB monocrystalline cell features a more optimized metallized contact technology, which effectively reduces the shading area, enhances the ability to collect carriers while reducing the incidence of cracks, contributing to a significantly higher conversion efficiency. At the same time, a further cost reduction is realized with decreased use of silver slurry.

Risen Energy said that the company has always been committed to raising the efficiency and reliability of its products while lowering costs, in an effort to improve the efficiency of its cell modules, optimize the structure of its cell components and enhance product quality. Keeping up with industry trends, Risen Energy will continue to focus on improving the quality and efficiency of its PV products through innovation in technology, in a move to accelerate grid parity. The company will also work with its strategic material suppliers to promote the development of new materials, in a move to better meet the need for more efficient cell technologies, creating more investment value for the application side.