WA awards lead agency status to Bristol Springs renewable energy project


Frontier Energy said the status recognises the importance of the Bristol Springs Renewable Energy Project (BSSP) for the development of the renewable energy industry in Western Australia, including the development of a green hydrogen industry.

“Being awarded lead agency status is a strong endorsement from the WA government, as this highlights the importance the project plays not only for the state’s renewable energy strategy but also the domestic hydrogen industry,” Frontier Energy Managing Director Sam Lee Mohan said.

“This status ensures if there is any ‘red tape’ adversely impacting the development of the project, JTSI will help Frontier to navigate and find successful outcomes. It also ensures that when the state is promoting Western Australia’s renewable energy and hydrogen strategy to a global audience, the Bristol Springs project will now be front and centre.

“We look forward to working closely with JTSI through Stage One’s development, but also in the long term, as we target total renewable energy production of up to 1 GW of energy in the region.”

The lead agency framework is designed to ensure proponents can be guided effectively through approvals processes, know what is expected of them and don’t fall through the cracks. Lead agency case management support, as confirmed for BSSP, is only awarded to projects that are of significance to the state.

The JTSI is the lead agency for BSSP and direct facilitator between the government and the company. JTSI involvement includes the following responsibilities:

  • Negotiating and managing agreements between major development proponents and the Western Australian government;
  • Promoting Western Australian exports and attracting foreign direct investment into Western Australia’s economy; and
  • Developing and coordinating State-significant projects and infrastructure.

Lead agency case management status has been granted to Frontier for at least the next three years.