Zero emissions vehicle grants help drive down cost


One of Australia’s largest dried fruit growers Duxton Dried Fruits is a prime example of how the Victorian government’s $5 million Commercial Sector Innovation Fund is not only driving sustainability but driving down costs.

“The transport sector is one of the most significant contributors to our state’s emissions, that’s why we’re supporting business to go electric, helping them be more energy efficient and keep their operating costs down,” Victorian Energy Minister Lily D’Ambrosio said.

Duxton, a Sunraysia-owned business, received grant funding to trial six zero emissions vehicles and establish a solar charging station at their Wemen vineyard near Robinvale in north-west Victoria.

This transition to fully-electric Ultra Terrain Vehicles for harvests, yard duties, irrigation checks, and weed control has eliminated the need for fuel trucks to come from out of town and reduced reliance on emergency fuel, resulting in substantial savings for the company.

The switch to ZEV technology is expected to slash Duxton’s yearly emissions by 29 tonnes and save the company more than $10,000 in fuel costs.

Duxton is also working with the Mallee Regional Innovation Centre to encourage greater adoption of ZEV technology across the industry.

Victoria has legislated the most ambitious climate targets in the country, working towards 95% renewable
energy generation by 2035 and net zero by 2045.

These targets will support Victoria to seize the enormous economic opportunity climate action presents – generating $63 billion of economic benefits and generating thousands of jobs.