Module prices continue to fall


A price trend report from Taiwan based analysts EnergyTrend states that mono-Si module prices hit a new low. The report places mono prices outside of China in the range of $0.29-$0.40/W, a large gap that is attributed to technological differences.

Similar figures are reported by PV InfoLink, which reports mono-cSi prices in China around CNY 2.2-2.3 ($0.32-$0.34)/W.


EnergyTrend reports that the polysilicon market is still showing reduced production, with many players ‘waiting for the market’s activity to return to normal.’ Some tier-1 manufacturers are still producing in order to execute signed orders, though many have reduced utilization or brought forward planned maintenance.

This may help to slow polysilicon’s price reduction, and indeed PV InfoLink reported slight rises to the prices for both multi (CNY 78-85/kg) and mono (CNY 93/kg) use on the Chinese market.

Wafer prices are reportedly more stable: “Whether mono-si or multi-si, the fluctuation between price, supply and demand was more moderate, reports EnergyTrend. “The price of multi-si wafer has reached RMB 2.40-2.50/[$0.35-$0.37]/Pc, and the price of mono-si wafer has remained at RMB3.20-The price of multi-si wafer has reached RMB 2.40-2.50/Pc, and the price of mono-si wafer has remained at RMB3.20-3.37/Pc3.37[$0.47-$0.50]/Pc.”


PV InfoLink expects further falls in mono-PERC cell prices, stating that “the pull-in will become more apparent next month due to the orders from the Chinese General Top Runner.”

Both analyst groups report consistent demand for multi-cSi cells outside of China, with prices stabilizing at $0.133-0.136/W.

“Looking at the utilization rate, the module segment is still rather oversupplied in the entire supply chain,” states PV InfoLink’s spot price report dated July 12. “Even if the non-Chinese market demand is consistent, the huge gap caused by the new Chinese policies still has difficulties to be filled up. In the near future, all types of modules will continue to decrease at a slow pace.”

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