Australian solar industry experts to join Q CELLS at Intersolar Europe 2019


Hanwha Q CELLS Australia Pty. Ltd. and Hanwha Q CELLS GmbH (collectively, “Q CELLS” or “The Company”), the Australian and German subsidiary of one of the largest solar cell and module manufacturers in the world, Hanwha Q CELLS Co., Ltd., are excited to be showcasing a group of leading Australian solar installers at one of the world’s most significant solar industry events, Intersolar Europe 2019.

The move comes as Q CELLS once again prepares to wow visitors at the Intersolar Europe exhibition in Munich, Germany between 15-16 May. This year, Q CELLS is offering a comprehensive package of energy solutions, from solar modules and storage solutions through to the direct supply of 100% guaranteed renewable energy.

The Australian installers, all of whom are official Q CELLS’ Q.PARTNERs will have the opportunity to engage with the latest technologies while sharing their knowledge and experience of delivering effective solar solutions across Australia’s harsh and varied climate.

Participating Q.PARTNERs include AG Solar, Green Sky Australia, InStyle Solar, MC Solar & Electrical, Penrith Solar Centre, Smart Energy Group, Solargain, and Springers Solar. These companies were selected from the top-selling Q.PARTNERs since the launch of the program last September. They will have the opportunity to see the latest Q CELLS innovations before they reach Australia, as well as meet with lead scientists and engineers.

This year, the Q CELLS booth (A1.180 and A1.270) will target more premium market segments reflecting the Company’s focus on showcasing a range of new energy solutions designed for both the residential sector and the commercial and industrial (C&I) sector.

Q CELLS’ Australia Marketing & Key Account Director, Myungsin Shim, said: “Q CELLS is deeply proud of the strong connections that it builds with its local distributors and installers through the Q.PARTNER program. The opportunity to include Q.PARTNERs as part of Q CELLS’s participation in Intersolar Europe in Germany for the first time is an exciting next step in this relationship.

“The very DNA of Q CELLS is rooted in German R&D excellence and a desire to consistently deliver top-quality renewable energy products and services. We are excited to be able to introduce our Australian Q.PARTNERs to some of the innovative new service offerings being made available in Europe this year, many of which we hope to introduce to the Australian market.

“Q CELLS has a long and proud history of being at the forefront of solar industry R&D and, as we strive towards even greater excellence in solar module innovation, we will continue to push the boundaries of cell and module technology. We do this through our commitment to not only supporting R&D, but protecting our innovations. We believe that this is the perfect approach to take in order to support the sustainable growth of the global industry.”



Some of the key Q CELLS product innovations on show at Intersolar Europe 2019 include:

1.     Q.ENERGY

As the market-leading solar module supplier in Germany in 2018*, Q CELLS has stepped into 2019 eager to not only build on this leadership position, but to evolve into a total energy solutions provider. With the launch of Q.ENERGY, Q CELLS becomes the first solar module manufacturer in the world to provide electricity directly to consumers.

The concept of Q.ENERGY is simple: customers can buy and consume 100 % clean energy, regardless of whether they have their own solar system installed. Q CELLS’ Q.ENERGY service delivers electricity – drawn from 100 % clean energy sources in Germany and Austria – to customers, enabling them to power their homes in a green and environmentally friendly manner.

The wider benefits and features of Q.ENERGY will be explained in detail during a press conference at the Q CELLS booth in Hall A1, Booth No. A1.180 held on Thursday, May 16 at 02:00 pm.

2.     Q.HOME Cloud

In addition to Q.ENERGY, Q CELLS will also showcase at Intersolar Europe the Q.HOME Cloud, which provides homeowners with the chance to take full and complete control of how they produce, consume, store and share their solar energy. Launching first in Germany, the Q.HOME Cloud delivers decentralized energy solutions for homeowners who have a Q CELLS solar+storage system installed. Stored solar energy can be smartly consumed by the homeowner, or – via the energy management software –intelligently, sustainably and cost-effectively utilized via a cloud-based system. The homeowner, meanwhile, receives the full FIT and simply pays a monthly flat rate.

Other Q CELLS product and booth highlights at Intersolar Europe 2019

Solar modules

§  Q.PEAK DUO-G5: Q.ANTUM DUO Technology-based monocrystalline half-cell module. Power ratings of up to 335 Wp and efficiency of up to 20.2% for lowest LCOE, Winner of Intersolar Award 2018.

§  Q.PEAK DUO BLK-G5: Boasts an outstanding all-black visual appearance and power ratings of up to 320 Wp. Based on Q.ANTUM DUO Technology and half-cut monocrystalline cells.

§  Q.PEAK DUO-G6: Q.ANTUM DUO Technology-based monocrystalline half-cell module, manufactured using larger M4 wafers to deliver power ratings of up to 355 Wp.

§  Q.PEAK DUO-G7: Next-generation half-cell monocrystalline solar module manufactured by Q CELLS using patent-protected passivation technology, a key ingredient of Q.ANTUM.

§  Q.PEAK DUO L-G5.3/BF: A bifacial, glass-glass monocrystalline half-cell module with very high module efficiency of close to 20%, and a bifacial energy yield gain of up to 20%.

Solar and storage solutions

§   Q.ENERGY is available in Germany to consumers who wish to source 100 % renewable energy – directly from Q CELLS. Customers do not even need their own solar system; they can simply sign up to either our Basic or Smart tariffs.

§   Q.HOME Cloud: Q CELLS customers that have a solar+storage system installed can benefit from the Q.HOME Cloud’s intelligent energy management platform, allowing them to store, share and consume their solar electricity in a way that suits their lifestyle.

§   Q.FLAT-G5: Q CELLS’ flat roof PV system, including Q.ANTUM Solar modules and a dedicated mounting system for easy and fast installation.

§   Q.HOME+ ESS HYB-G2: Modular and scalable storage solution developed for residential systems. Comprises hybrid inverter, battery and management system.

§   Q.HOME+ ESS AC-G2: AC-coupled storage solution developed for new solar+storage systems as well as retrofit solution for existing PV systems

Booth highlights (A1.180 and A1.270)

§   Prominent position at the main entrance to Intersolar Europe Hall A.

§   Press Conference explaining the Q.ENERGY tariff and benefits: Thursday, May 16 at 14:00 (Booth A1.180).

§   Vibrant video screens showcasing the latest Q CELLS services and products.

Q CELLS commitment to R&D Innovation

Faced with such bullish projections, the global solar industry is becoming increasingly competitive, and while Q CELLS remains a market leader in many of the world’s largest and most important markets, the Company is determined to continue innovating and raising the bar in terms of solar module reliability and performance.

To demonstrate this commitment, Q CELLS will showcase its broadest ever selection of solar solutions at Intersolar Europe 2019. The Company’s flagship module series – the half-cell, monocrystalline Q.PEAK DUO (which last year won the Intersolar Award in the category of Photovoltaics) – has been expanded with the recent launch of the Q.PEAK DUO-G6. This module range is manufactured with M4 wafers, which boast dimensions of 161.70 mm (as opposed to the 156.75 mm wafer dimensions found in the G5 range). These larger wafers help each module deliver up to about 6 % more power, meaning that the 120 cells Q.PEAK DUO-G6 version can deliver 355 Wp. In the format of 144 cells, the Q.PEAK DUO L-G6 has a power output of up to 420 Wp.

Complementing the new Q.PEAK DUO-G6 solar module will be its predecessor, the Q.PEAK DUO-G5, the aesthetically pleasing Q.PEAK DUO BLK-G5, and the next-generation Q.PEAK DUO-G7, which will be made commercially available later this year.

Also on show at the Q CELLS booth will be the Q.PEAK DUO L-G5.3/BF, which is the company’s first ever bifacial module. The Q.PEAK DUO L-G5.3/BF is also a double glass (glass-glass) monocrystalline half-cell module manufactured with a white grid on the rear-glass for optimal energy harvest due to a very high front-side power of close to 400 W. Because of this high front-side power, a bifaciality factor of 70% means a rear-side power of up to 280 W, making the Q.PEAK DUO L-G5.3/BF an attractive proposition for developers seeking high energy yield. Commercialization of this product is scheduled for Q3 of this year.

All Q CELLS solar modules exhibited at Intersolar Europe are manufactured using the company’s patent-protected, unique passivation technology, which is a key ingredient in our Q.ANTUM Technology. Additional cutting-edge technological and security features of Q.ANTUM Technology include excellent Anti LID (light induced degradation) and Anti PID (potential induced degradation) performance, as well as Hot-Spot Protect and traceable quality with Tra.QTM laser identification to protect against counterfeiting.

Joining this range of solar modules at the Q CELLS booth will be the Q.FLAT-G5 mounting system designed for easy and fast installation on flat rooftops; the Q.HOME+ ESS HYB-G2 modular and scalable storage solution, and the new Q.HOME+ ESS AC-G2 battery, which is an AC-coupled storage system that is ideal for self-consumption markets.