Digital solar and storage fast-track the energy transition


Christian Westermeier, President of SolarPower Europe opened the event, stating: “Digital solar and storage will come to form a new renewable energy baseload in Europe that will make the energy transition cheaper, generate more economic value and increase the number of jobs in solar. To do this we must get the right policies for our sector in place, and we must embrace the new era of smart solar power.”

“New innovative business models will emerge over the next few years across the entire energy sector. It is now on all stakeholders, including technologically advanced companies, utilities, software developers and policy makers, to create solutions that enable all parties to take advantage of the new opportunities arising from the digitalisation of solar and other energy,” said Jochen Schneider, Executive Vice President Energy Services at SMA Solar Technology AG.

SolarPower Europe presented its new and extended report on ‘Digitalisation & Solar’, which includes cutting-edge case studies from leading energy players such as SMA, Huawei and Google.

“This report is a testimony to the vast market opportunities arising from digitalisation. With big data analytics, the internet of things and blockchain, we have seen the emergence of entirely new solar business models. By embracing digitalisation we can reduce costs, improve performance and increase profitability,” said Sonia Dunlop, Policy Advisor, Digitalisation and Solar Task Force coordinator and lead author of the report.