Growatt launches XH battery ready inverter


“This newly launched XH battery ready inverter MIN 2500-6000TL-XH is the future-proof PV solution for users!” said Growatt Vice General Manager Frank Qiao at the product launch event. “It has a battery interface that can be easily extended later to a storage system without extra retrofit cost. This is ideal for home owners who want to convert their rooftop PV systems into solar storage systems in the future.”

The XH inverter has very up-to-date features that make it more appealing to customers. At first glance, its compact design with OLED display and touch button is very elegant and modern. “We use light and flame-retardant materials for the case, lower power consumption OLED display and much more durable touch button. Installers and end users will have better experience,” said Qiao.

Taking a closer look at the inside of the inverter, Growatt’s advanced PV technologies were revealed. It has invisible cable routing and patented inductance technology, which optimize heat dissipation for the inverter. Therefore, XH inverter can work under harsh conditions, such as salty air, humidity, high and low temperature etc. “The reliability and quality of XH inverter are ensured by Growatt’s Five Quality Engineering System: design engineering, component engineering, test engineering, reliability engineering and manufacturing engineering,” Qiao continued.

“Looking ahead, there’s no doubt that the market of solar + storage has large potential in Australia. With the development of battery technology and the continued reduction in cost, more Australian households will install PV storage systems. And our XH inverter provides the best solution for them to get ready for the future!”