Hydrogen Australia — a powerful new collaboration


A partnership announced on Friday sees The Smart Energy Council and the Australian Association of Hydrogen Energy (AAHE) come together in forming Hydrogen Australia, a new force for advocacy and action to support the development of the emerging hydrogen industry in Australia.

Hydrogen Australia will be a Division of the Smart Energy Council, now the peak national body for the solar, hydrogen, energy storage and smart energy management industry. Members of AAHE become members of the Smart Energy Council.

The Australian Association for Hydrogen Energy advances the knowledge and understanding of the production, storage, transport, safety, distribution and end uses of hydrogen energy.

“Green hydrogen is smart energy. It’s the low emissions energy source that will help power and transport Australia in the 21st Century,” said John Grimes, Chief Executive of the Smart Energy Council.

“Green hydrogen and its downstream fuels and chemicals will be critical to Australia’s energy future, providing jobs, investment and export opportunities.”

“Very soon, we will start to see hydrogen being exported from Australia to Japan, South Korea, Singapore and other nations. It’s really exciting.”

Dr Attilio Pigneri, President of the Australian Association of Hydrogen Energy, said: “We are very pleased to be partnering with the Smart Energy Council to deliver research, training and advocacy to power Australia’s clean energy transition.

“The Smart Energy Council represents a unique platform to grow hydrogen as a key plank of Australia’s future energy sector, from linkages with their members operating right across the renewable energy space, to their outstanding capability to deliver professional training and large-scale events such as the successful Smart Energy Conference and Exhibition

“As a foundation activity for Hydrogen Australia, we are pleased to announce the development of a bid to bring the 2022 World Hydrogen Energy Conference to Melbourne, working closely with the Melbourne Convention Bureau, and with support from the Victorian and Australian Governments.”

Hydrogen Australia will continue AAHE’s role as the Australian signatory to the International Energy Agency Hydrogen Technology Co-operation Programme, and will play an integral role in the development of the National Hydrogen Strategy being developed by COAG.